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Georges Bizet's Profile

Brief about Georges Bizet: By info that we know Georges Bizet was born at 1970-01-01. And also Georges Bizet is French Composer.

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As a musician I tell you that if you were to suppress adultery, fanaticism, crime, evil, the supernatural, there would no longer be the means for writing one note.

Tags: Evil, Tell, Writing

I want to do nothing chic, I want to have ideas before beginning a piece.

Tags: Beginning, Ideas, Piece

Religion is a means of exploitation employed by the strong against the weak; religion is a cloak of ambition, injustice and vice.

Tags: Ambition, Religion, Strong

What a beautiful art, but what a wretched profession.

Tags: Art, Beautiful, Profession

I feel the 21st century is another new age. Not only can we collaborate again with nature, but we have to. It's an emergency.

Tags: Age, Another, Nature

I love being a very personal singer-songwriter, but I also like being a scientist or explorer.

Tags: Love, Personal, Scientist

I love hiking in Iceland most, there are lots of brilliant paths.

Tags: Brilliant, Lots, Love

I'd done three solo albums in a row, and that's quite narcissistic.

Tags: Done, Quite, Three

I'm a bit of a nerd, I wouldn't mind working in a shop selling records, or having a radio show where I could play obscure singles.

Tags: Mind, Show, Working

I've been traveling in Guatemala in the rainforest, and here all these houses are made of sticks. It seems so easy to make one.

Tags: Easy, Here, Seems

If nothing else, I have money.

Tags: Else, Money

In 2008, I was more just thinking about using the touchscreen for writing the songs. From there I started thinking about how I visualised music.

Tags: Music, Thinking, Writing

It's funny how the hippies and the punks tried to get rid of the conservatives, but they always seem to get the upper hand in the end.

Tags: End, Funny, Hand

Maybe I'll be a feminist in my old age.

Tags: Age, Maybe, Old

Nature is our chapel.

Tags: Chapel, Nature

Now that rock is turning 50, it's become classical in itself. It's interesting to see that development.

Tags: Become, Classical, Rock

Part of me is probably more conservative than people realise. I like my old string quartets, I don't like music that's trippy for trippy's sake.

Tags: Music, Old, String

People that complete other people's vision are understated.

Tags: Complete, Vision

Seventy per cent humidity is ideal for vocal cords.

Tags: Humidity, Ideal, Vocal

The English can be a very critical, unforgiving people, but criticism can be good. And this is a country that loves comedy.

Tags: Comedy, Country, Good