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Henry Ian Cusick's Profile

Brief about Henry Ian Cusick: By info that we know Henry Ian Cusick was born at 1967-04-17. And also Henry Ian Cusick is Peruvian Actor.

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I wake up every day with a smile on my face.

Tags: Face, Smile, Wake

I love my life.

Tags: Life, Love

Being in Hawaii, it's almost impossible not to be fit, I think.

Tags: Almost, Fit, Impossible

Hawaii is a beautiful place to bring up a family.

Tags: Beautiful, Family, Place

I feel like I'm part of television history.

Tags: History, Television

I mean, I do wear a wedding ring and take it off when I shoot.

Tags: Mean, Off, Wedding

I swim. I do a little bit of surfing. I would say I'm a beginner at surfing. I run. I cycle. I play a little bit of soccer.

Tags: Bit, Run, Soccer

In an ideal world, I'd love to work on something that is on par with 'Lost' or better than 'Lost.'

Tags: Lost, Love, Work

When I'm acting, I've always got to make it make sense to me why I do anything. Whether it's right or wrong, I've just got to believe this is the reason why I am doing this and just go with it.

Tags: Acting, Why, Wrong

To be optimistic about something that is absolutely unknown to you is unfounded.

Tags: Absolutely, Optimistic, Unknown

We who were born were not witnesses to our birth: like death, it is something we are forever after trying to catch sight of.

Tags: After, Death, Trying

What compromises women - babies, domesticity, mediocrity - compromises writing even more.

Tags: Mediocrity, Women, Writing

What other grown-up gets told how to do their job so often as a writer?

Tags: Job, Often, Writer

Writing is a discipline: it's almost all about holding back.

Tags: Almost, Discipline, Writing

Writing, more than any other art, is indexed to the worthiness of the self because it is identified in people's minds with emotion.

Tags: Art, Self, Writing

A book is not an example of 'women's writing' simply because it is written by a woman. Writing may become 'women's writing' when it could not have been written by a man.

Tags: Book, Woman, Women

A creative writing workshop will contain students whose ambitions and abilities, whose conceptions of literature itself, are so diverse that what they have in common - the desire to write - could almost be considered meaningless.

Tags: Creative, Write, Writing

An eating disorder epidemic suggests that love and disgust are being jointly marketed, as it were; that wherever the proposition might first have come from, the unacceptability of the female body has been disseminated culturally.

Tags: Body, Love, Might

As it stands, motherhood is a sort of wilderness through which each woman hacks her way, part martyr, part pioneer; a turn of events from which some women derive feelings of heroism, while others experience a sense of exile from the world they knew.

Tags: Experience, Woman, Women

As writers go, I have a skin of average thickness. I am pleased by a good review, disappointed by a bad. None of it penetrates far enough to influence the thing I write next.

Tags: Bad, Enough, Good