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Henry W. Kendall's Profile

Brief about Henry W. Kendall: By info that we know Henry W. Kendall was born at 1926-12-09. And also Henry W. Kendall is American Scientist.

Henry W. Kendall Biography

Henry W. Kendall , American scientist was born inBoston on December 9, 1926.  He was the son of Evelyn Way and Henry P. Kendall. Henry grew up in Sharon, Massachusetts. He studied at  Deerfield Academy.  In 1945 he entered into the U. S. Merchant Marine Academy.  

In 1946, he entered to Amherst College. Henry graduated the college in 1950.  He co-authored two books, one was about shallow water diving and another one was about the other on underwater photography.

He worked at Brookhaven National Laboratory during 2 years,  then worked in Stanford University’s research group during 5 years.  Finally he returned to the MIT Physics Department. He worked there for the rest of his life.

Kendall was a great physicist, but also good mountaineer and photographer. Henry W. Kendall died on February 15, 1999, when he was(1999-02-15)  72 years old.

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Many people and governments share the mistaken belief that science, with new, ingenious devices and techniques, can rescue us from the troubles we face without our having to mend our ways and change our patterns of activity. This is not so.

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Education of both men and women is a wonderful contraceptive.

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Governments must now take a leading role in moving their nations in the right direction.

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The destruction of our environment and resources cannot be stemmed unless the growth of the world's population is stemmed and ultimately reduced.

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We must act swiftly in order to halt the rate of decay our planet faces.

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We must... guarantee women control over their own reproductive decisions.

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If we do not voluntarily bring population growth under control in the next one or two decades, the nature will do it for us in the most brutal way, whether we like it or not.

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