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Howard Bach's Profile

Brief about Howard Bach: By info that we know Howard Bach was born at 1979-02-22. And also Howard Bach is American Athlete.

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Badminton is not popular in the U.S. because I think the mentality of badminton has to change.

Tags: Change, Mentality, Popular

Coming in as a veteran, I'd like to finish with a gold medal.

Tags: Coming, Gold, Veteran

One thing I always tell people. If you want to be gold medalist, you partner one.

Tags: Gold, Partner, Tell

When I'm on the court, I'm a follower.

Tags: Court, Follower

We film in front of a live audience, and I was a theater actor before I got into television, so I like that.

Tags: Actor, Film, Television

I think, being an actor, it's just a relief every time you get a part.

Tags: Actor, Relief, Time

My personal advice is to go to school first and get a liberal arts education, and then if you want to pursue acting, go to graduate school.

Tags: Education, Graduation, School

TV is so seductive with a great workday. You're going to work and making people laugh, and that's fantastic.

Tags: Great, Laugh, Work

David Duchovny is a dream; a dreamboat and a dream. He was so kind... He held my hand after we were done shooting and told me I did great. He's so good at what he does.

Tags: Done, Good, Great

The challenging thing is that we go home after doing the run-through and the writers stay there working, so sometimes I get script changes delivered to me at midnight. It's constantly shifting.

Tags: After, Home, Working

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