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Hugh Masekela's Profile

Brief about Hugh Masekela: By info that we know Hugh Masekela was born at 1939-04-04. And also Hugh Masekela is South African Musician.

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I'm travelling more than ever. I don't have the answer as to why, but the demand seems to have grown as I've got older.

Tags: Older, Seems, Why

Africa has been troubled for a long time - well, the world has been troubled ever since I was born.

Tags: Born, Since, Time

I always make the joke that I go home, to one of my homes, to go and do laundry so I can go on the road again.

Tags: Again, Home, Joke

I am a forward-looking person and live in the moment to build for the future.

Tags: Build, Future, Moment

I don't think any musician ever thinks about making a statement. I think everybody goes into music loving it.

Tags: Everybody, Making, Music

I don't think what I do is influenced by suffering. I come from a talented people who are prolific in music and dance.

Tags: Dance, Music, Suffering

I grew up with protests, marches, demonstrations, struggle. But I come from a clan of community workers.

Tags: Clan, Community, Struggle

I lived for music since I could think.

Tags: Lived, Music, Since

I think it is incumbent on all human beings to oppose injustice in every form.

Tags: Beings, Human, Injustice

I've got to where am in life not because of something I brought to the world but through something I found - the wealth of African culture.

Tags: Culture, Found, Life

In my view, Africa's real problems are cultural.

Tags: Africa, Problems, Real

It's obvious that the rest of the world loves high African culture - African culture, period.

Tags: Culture, High, Rest

When people campaign for positions, they promise people all kinds of things.

Tags: Campaign, Kinds, Promise

I don't think anybody has ever been able to live up to what they promised. I don't know a government that has ever been successful at that because once they get into power, things change and the world is controlled also by business now.

Tags: Change, Government, Power

I had to run away from home in order to be a musician. Because I came from a family of... my father was a health inspector; my mother was a social worker. And I was pretty smart in school. So they expected me to be some kind of academic - schoolteacher, or doctor, lawyer - and they were very disappointed when I told them I wanted to be a musician.

Tags: Family, Health, Home

I just came from South Africa, a place that had been in a perpetual uprising since 1653, so the uprising had become a way of life in our culture and we grew up with rallies and strikes and marches and boycotts.

Tags: Become, Life, Place

I'm very interested in heritage restoration, and I'm working with a group of people to create a number of academies and performance spaces to encourage native arts and crafts and to explore African history.

Tags: Group, History, Working

I've always stood on one fact - that all over the world, there are only two things, the Establishment and the poor people. The poor people are a massive majority and across the world they are exploited in different kinds of ways. The Establishment depends on exploiting raw materials and the poor.

Tags: Fact, Poor, Ways

To tell you the truth, man, we spend most of the time travelling in hotels, in festivals, in concert halls, clubs, airports. The most unenjoyable part is all the security at airports.

Tags: Tell, Time, Truth

What people don't know about oppression is that the oppressor works much harder. You always grew up being told you were not smart enough or not fast enough, but we all lived from the time we were children to beat the system.

Tags: Children, Smart, Time

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