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Isaac Hanson's Profile

Brief about Isaac Hanson: By info that we know Isaac Hanson was born at 1980-11-17. And also Isaac Hanson is American Musician.

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Actually, I don't think there's anyone that represents the artists, except the artists themselves.

Tags: Actually, Anyone, Themselves

But anyone who knows anything about the music industry knows it's not only about the music.

Tags: Anyone, Knows, Music

Christmas albums are not something you do frequently.

Tags: Albums, Frequently

Generally, I end up being the one thrown against the wall, because Zach is the drummer. He's stronger than me.

Tags: Against, End, Stronger

I enjoyed making this album a lot because of the knowledge we acquired over the last 3 years.

Tags: Knowledge, Last, Making

I think downloading is both saving and killing the music industry at the same time.

Tags: Both, Music, Time

I'm doing what I do for the right reasons. I love the music that I make.

Tags: Love, Music, Reasons

One of the things I want to do as an artist is to connect generations.

Tags: Artist, Connect

People my age don't always know where their music comes from.

Tags: Age, Music

Taylor being married and so on, that does evolve the dynamic on the road.

Tags: Evolve, Married, Road

There are so many lovely cities around the U.S., around the world, that it's almost impossible to pick one.

Tags: Almost, Impossible, Lovely

There are very few people who have done more than one Christmas album.

Tags: Done, Few

We have a good time and try not to kill each other.

Tags: Good, Time, Try

We've sold over 100,000 records so far, and we're an independent label.

Tags: Far, Label, Records

What we do every night is we change out the set list as much as we can to make sure that (fans can) go home and tell their friends they experienced something unique and cool.

Tags: Change, Cool, Home

Working with Yahoo! allows us to give our fans a chance to listen to our songs, check out the video, purchase our new album, win tickets to our show, and chat with us all in one place.

Tags: Give, Win, Working

Yes it was we, are a few years back parted from our record company and took the album that we were making with them and released it independently in the United States had a number one Independent debut in the United States.

Tags: Few, Making, United
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