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I started my own record label.

Tags: Started  ✍ Author: Tom Felton

I don't like to label films with a genre.

Tags: Films, Genre  ✍ Author: Tom Felton

I think any label is bad.

Tags: Bad  ✍ Author: Nikki Haley

I think any label is bad. I'm more than a label.

Tags: Bad  ✍ Author: Nikki Haley

We turned what is virtually a glorified independent label into one of the powerhouse labels in the town.

Tags: Labels, Town  ✍ Author: Toby Keith

Once you label me you negate me.

Tags: Once  ✍ Author: Soren Kierkegaard

Sometimes, you just get a label and it sticks.

Tags: Sometimes, Sticks  ✍ Author: Jamie Redknapp

I was initially signed to a German label a few years ago.

Tags: Few, German  ✍ Author: Emilie Autumn

I was with PolyGram; that was the big label that I was with for the longest, like 12 years.

Tags: Big, Longest  ✍ Author: Roy Ayers

It's one thing to be a fan and it's another thing to be a label.

Tags: Another, Fan  ✍ Author: Gerry Beckley

I don't care who's on the label, because I have a job to do.

Tags: Care, Job  ✍ Author: Pat Benatar

The bad-boy label is just an assumption.

Tags: Assumption  ✍ Author: Russell Brand

Police are reluctant to label a murder as a possible serial homicide.

Tags: Police, Possible  ✍ Author: Olympia Brown

I've got them in the can and I am looking for a label.

Tags: Looking  ✍ Author: Michael Owen Bruce

You can't just buy things for the label - it's ridiculous.

Tags: Buy, Ridiculous  ✍ Author: Roberto Cavalli

To label me an intellectual is a misunderstanding of what that is.

 ✍ Author: Dick Cavett

I don't think we should label budgets even before the budget is presented.

Tags: Budget, Budgets  ✍ Author: P. Chidambaram

I don't like the intellectual label.

 ✍ Author: Noam Chomsky

People label you the way they know you best.

Tags: Best  ✍ Author: Lauren Conrad
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We got on his label, and the Bizarre organization is just going up and up. So we have faith.

Tags: Bizarre, Faith  ✍ Author: Alice Cooper

There is a tremendous range of children with a PDD label.

Tags: Children, Tremendous  ✍ Author: Temple Grandin

I just am who I am. And then when people label me eccentric or different, I'm kind of astonished because I think, 'This is completely normal. This is just how I am, it's how I've always been.'

Tags: Eccentric, Normal  ✍ Author: Daphne Guinness

We've sold over 100,000 records so far, and we're an independent label.

Tags: Far, Records  ✍ Author: Isaac Hanson

I come from a place where I find it hard to identify with a label.

Tags: Hard, Place  ✍ Author: Amber Heard

I am in discussions with a label. We are talking about doing something.

Tags: Talking  ✍ Author: Freddie Hubbard

Even with whatever people want to label me with, there are so many other sides to me.

Tags: Sides, Whatever  ✍ Author: Wiz Khalifa

I don't necessarily think that installation is the only way to go. It's just a label for certain kinds of arrangements.

Tags: Kinds  ✍ Author: Peter Kropotkin

Once you're signed to a label you compromise.

Tags: Compromise, Once  ✍ Author: Talib Kweli

I don't get involved in record label politics.

Tags: Involved, Politics  ✍ Author: Leona Lewis

I just had it with the corporate money, money, money label thing.

Tags: Corporate, Money  ✍ Author: Shelby Lynne

After we wrote The Wreckoning, our record label did listen.

Tags: After, Listen  ✍ Author: Taryn Manning

I know being on a major label is meant to be antiquated, but we're fine with it.

Tags: Fine, Meant  ✍ Author: Chris Martin

You know, independent films have been institutionalized, practically. Every studio has got a boutique arthouse label.

Tags: Films, Studio  ✍ Author: Edward Norton

In Washington, there's always an effort to label people.

Tags: Effort, Washington  ✍ Author: Gale Norton

I never solicited a major label and I certainly wouldn't now.

Tags: Major  ✍ Author: George Orwell

There was no reason to label us as anti-Semitic.

Tags: Reason  ✍ Author: Jean-Marie Le Pen

Music is music; you don't have to put a label on it.

Tags: Music, Put  ✍ Author: Joe Perry

I just have so much love for my record label.

Tags: Love  ✍ Author: Katy Perry

I've always felt like the underdog, and I'm comfortable with that label.

Tags: Felt, Underdog  ✍ Author: Pink

I have never gotten into the label thing.

Tags: Gotten  ✍ Author: Diana Ross

I was signed at 19 years old to a major label, and dropped by the time I was 22.

Tags: Old, Time  ✍ Author: Nate Ruess

I made this record without a record label.

 ✍ Author: Jules Shear

People always want to put a label on you; they always want to compare you to something.

Tags: Compare, Put  ✍ Author: Carrot Top

I don't think the label cares about an album... People just want their number-one record.

Tags: Album, Cares  ✍ Author: Peter Tosh

Elton John's opinion turned the label's opinion around, all in a day.

Tags: John, Opinion  ✍ Author: Barry White

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