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Jayne Meadows's Profile

Brief about Jayne Meadows: By info that we know Jayne Meadows was born at 1920-09-27. And also Jayne Meadows is American Actress.

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I cannot write music. I cannot play the piano.

Tags: Cannot, Music, Write

I just loved and love life. I love it today.

Tags: Life, Love, Today

I never look at a note. I just roam the stage. The people do not want to leave.

Tags: Leave, Note, Stage

I never say a funny thing intentionally.

Tags: Funny

I respect his talents, even as he does mine.

Tags: Mine, Respect, Talents

I was born and raised in China, and my parents were missionaries.

Tags: Born, China, Parents

I would write plays for my grandmother, who was stone deaf, my mother and the dog, that was our audience.

Tags: Dog, Mother, Write

Marriage, even the best marriages are tough.

Tags: Best, Marriage, Tough

My father was a good preacher and had a little bit of drama.

Tags: Bit, Father, Good

My mother was the dearest, sweetest angel. She didn't talk; she sang. She was a tower of strength.

Tags: Mother, Strength, Talk

Steve is very quiet, even shy. I am very gregarious. So, opposites.

Tags: Opposites, Quiet, Shy

The best people I know have had a lot of obstacles to overcome.

Tags: Best, Obstacles, Overcome

There is only one secret. To love what you are doing.

Tags: Love, Secret

We are not equally talented. Steve is enormously talented.

Tags: Equally, Steve, Talented

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