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Joe Manganiello's Profile

Brief about Joe Manganiello: By info that we know Joe Manganiello was born at 1976-12-28. And also Joe Manganiello is American Actor.

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Well, being 6' 5', pull-ups are my nemesis. I have really long arms so I have to do twice the work of someone with short arms to get the weight up there.

Tags: Short, Someone, Work

When I first got out of drama school, my original manager tried to get me to change my name because people were having trouble spelling it and saying it.

Tags: Change, Saying, School

When I was growing up, it was Clint Eastwood, it was Harrison Ford and Steve McQueen - these guys were tough. They were leading men, but they were also tough and physical.

Tags: Growing, Men, Tough

Acting was my first love.

Tags: Acting, Love

Acting was the only place that I ever felt like I belonged so went for it with everything I had.

Tags: Acting, Felt, Place

American comedies especially are all about these men being browbeaten by their wives and it's impossible for me to watch.

Tags: American, Impossible, Men

I got to L.A. in 2000, when we were coming off the '90s: women looked like men and the men all looked like women.

Tags: Men, Off, Women

I grew up a big comic book reader, as a kid, and I love the whole fanboy crowd.

Tags: Big, Book, Love

I grew up a misfit. I never fit in.

Tags: Fit

I had a fan make me a silver wolf-tooth necklace. That was really great.

Tags: Fan, Great, Silver

I mean 'One Tree Hill' had some rabid fans - you'd be surprised - they're almost in a class of their own.

Tags: Almost, Fans, Mean

I mean, everyone walks into the gym on day one skinny or fat. Arnold Schwarzenegger walked into the gym skinny at 15 or 16, and I was that way, too.

Tags: Everyone, Fat, Mean

I mean, I feel like I've been pretending I was a werewolf since I was a little kid.

Tags: Mean, Pretending, Since

I started working at clubs when I was sixteen, which is young. I would not want my kid doing that, but I did, and that's how it went.

Tags: Started, Working, Young

I think you can be athletic and intellectual at the same time.

Tags: Athletic, Time

I train like a pro-athlete, not like an actor who's just trying to look pretty.

Tags: Actor, Pretty, Trying

I wake up at the same time every day to get to the gym.

Tags: Gym, Time, Wake

I was kind of a dark kid. I loved Halloween, and I loved vampires and the black and white old monster movies.

Tags: Black, Dark, Movies

I watched so many comic book movies where the actors weren't as built as the characters in the book. It made me mad because they didn't look right.

Tags: Book, Mad, Movies

I wouldn't tell anyone to study werewolves - I studied wolves, how they moved, their tendencies and sensibilities.

Tags: Anyone, Study, Tell
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