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John Amos's Profile

Brief about John Amos: By info that we know John Amos was born at 1939-12-27. And also John Amos is American Actor.

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I could have begged. They made it obvious to me that if I wanted to come back and be a good boy... but I'd rather be in Roots than Good Times.

Tags: Good, Rather, Wanted

I've never seen oil slicks covering such a large area in the Gulf of Mexico.

Tags: Large, Oil, Seen

It was an ongoing struggle to say no, I don't want to be a part of the perpetuation of this stereotype.

Tags: Ongoing, Stereotype, Struggle

They killed my character off and as God would have it, just when they told me I would never work again, I got cast in a little program called Roots, and as they would say, the rest is history.

Tags: God, History, Work
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