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Tori Amos's Profile

Brief about Tori Amos: By info that we know Tori Amos was born at 1963-08-22. And also Tori Amos is American Musician.

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Cornwall is one of the most beautiful places, with great people - there's not a great downside to it.

Tags: Beautiful, Great, Places

Guys would sleep with a bicycle if it had the right color lip gloss on. They have no shame. They're like bull elks in a field.

Tags: Color, Guys, Sleep

The violence betwen women is unbelievable. Women try to make each other crawl so that their knees are bleeding.

Tags: Try, Violence, Women

When we get in a routine we can become zombie-like and shut down.

Tags: Become, Routine, Shut

I'm not like a poker player. I'm not into bluff. My way is to look someone in the eye and tell them the way I'm intending to go. My cards are always on the table.

Tags: Player, Someone, Tell

As the sun sets, we've all had those nights where you question your choices and where your life is going.

Tags: Life, Question, Sun

I am the worst influence. If you can't handle your vices, then I am the Devil.

Tags: Devil, Influence, Worst

I became a mom at 37 and having a child has been an emancipation for me.

Tags: Child, Mom

I don't mind a dirty girl. But what I find tragic is when we, as women, become not the subject of our own story but someone else's object.

Tags: Girl, Mind, Women

Many people lock a part of themselves away. It's a bit sacred.

Tags: Away, Bit, Themselves

Our world is a huge mess right now, and not big enough for masses of intolerant people.

Tags: Big, Enough, Mess

There were times that I needed to go to battle, but how I went to battle wasn't always the best way in.

Tags: Battle, Best, Times

You know that saying, bad things don't happen to good people? That's a lie.

Tags: Bad, Good, Saying

A lot of songs are derivative of each other.

Tags: Derivative, Songs

A lot of the carols were not as you hear them now.

Tags: Hear

After a while of getting jerked around, you realize what the business is really made up of.

Tags: After, Business, Getting

An interview will seem very sane to me, and I'll find out that the journalist was laughing out of the side of his mouth half of the time.

Tags: Half, Seem, Time

At 15, I knew someone whose mother cooked macrobiotic, so I persuaded my mother to go macrobiotic with me.

Tags: Knew, Mother, Someone

Being able to still make records is a privilege. I don't take it casually.

Tags: Able, Privilege, Records

Even if everything else is downplayed, I'll wear good shoes.

Tags: Else, Good, Shoes
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