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John Ashcroft's Profile

Brief about John Ashcroft: By info that we know John Ashcroft was born at 1942-05-09. And also John Ashcroft is American Public Servant.

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We have to think outside the box, inside the Constitution, find ways to do things that will elevate our security, reduce the risk of the incidence of terrorist attack.

Tags: Risk, Security, Ways

The worst mistake a boss can make is not to say 'well done'.

Tags: Boss, Done, Worst

People who commit crimes should be responsible for those crimes. It doesn't matter whether they're priests or ministers or atheists.

Tags: Commit, Matter, Whether

It doesn't help to wait until something happens and then prosecute the offenders, especially if it's the idea of the offender to extinguish himself in the commission of the crime.

Tags: Help, Idea, Wait

An FBI agent ought to be able to surf the net and look for sites that instruct people how to make bombs.

Tags: Able, Agent, Sites

We've got to understand that the whole nature of the way American democracy guards its freedom has been changed.

Tags: Democracy, Freedom, Nature

I don't play full court anymore. I just play half-court.

Tags: Anymore, Court, Full

If necessity is the mother of invention, it's the father of cooperation. And we're cooperating like never before.

Tags: Father, Mother, Necessity

It's a different world.

Tags: Change, Changing, Great

Nothing that we have authorized conflicts with any law regarding privacy or any provision of the constitution.

Tags: Conflicts, Law, Privacy

Prior to September 11, we thought the world beyond our shores was one world of risk and the world in our continent was another world of risk.

Tags: Another, Risk, Thought

Reasonable regulations regarding the ownership of weapons are appropriate.

Tags: Ownership, Reasonable, Weapons

The FBI has long been a part of the security for the nation's banks because bank robberies have been a priority.

Tags: Nation, Priority, Security

The Internet provides very serious challenges to our ability to keep from children the kinds of things that are destructive to them.

Tags: Children, Keep, Serious

The liberties and freedoms which we hold dear and we recognize and cherish and respect guide the way we gather information in the United States.

Tags: Hold, Respect, United

The path we have chosen is constitutional.

Tags: Chosen, Path

The Patriot Act allows and provides a basis for an exchange of information.

Tags: Act, Exchange, Patriot

There is no priority higher than the prevention of terrorism.

Tags: Higher, Priority, Terrorism

We need to strengthen our analytic capacity in Washington, we need to centralize the anti-terrorism effort.

Tags: Capacity, Effort, Washington

What we learned on September 11 is that the unthinkable is now thinkable in the world.

Tags: Learned, September

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