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John Zorn's Profile

Brief about John Zorn: By info that we know John Zorn was born at 1953-09-02. And also John Zorn is American Composer.

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One of the reasons I started Tzadik, which is my own label, is to keep things in print. I got tired of labels dropping things out of print when they don't sell.

Tags: Keep, Started, Tired

That is a lot of the reason I do what I do, to really spread the word and spread information and turn people onto different things they may not be, y'know, aware of. That is what Naked City is certainly about.

Tags: May, Reason, Word

That was my challenge as a composer. Like with anything, to keep yourself interested in doing what you do, you set yourself challenges. So I said, Okay, I'll try to write a hundred tunes in a year.

Tags: Challenge, Try, Yourself

That's where I began to ask questions that maybe don't have one specific answer. And the more people you get answers from, the richer the environment becomes.

Tags: Ask, Maybe, Questions

Well, in Japan, I have got a group of musicians that I have worked with a lot, that concentrate just on the hardcore stuff, say, that Naked City has been working on. We have like a repertoire of sixty songs now.

Tags: Group, Stuff, Working

You know, when we were kids, we had to go to a theater to see a movie. And then television came in and you had to wait until midnight to see the one you wanted to see. Now, all you've got to do is go to a store and buy it and you can watch it whenever you want!

Tags: Kids, Wait, Wanted

As soon as you get a certain amount of attention, then everybody kinda wants to start taking pot shots at you. All your old friends that supported you don't support you any more.

Tags: Friends, Old, Start

I don't play favorites with people. My basic philosophy is that the only way to make the world a better place is by bringing something beautiful to every single person you run into at every moment of the day, so how can you play favorites with somebody?

Tags: Beautiful, Philosophy, Single

You can't be idealistic in this world and not be crazy.

Tags: Crazy, Idealistic

I see myself and many artists like me as the torchbearers through these dark ages.

Tags: Ages, Artists, Dark

It's a matter of keeping people on a spontaneous edge.

Tags: Edge, Keeping, Matter

I don't control it at all. It's all up to the musicians in the group. They control it. They make all the cues, and they tell me what they want, and then I act like a mirroring device so that everyone can see what the cues are.

Tags: Control, Everyone, Tell

And I try to be as diplomatic as I can, but it always ends up being a psychodrama up there on stage.

Tags: Ends, Stage, Try

Eye was a great discovery. He is one of the great vocalists of all time.

Tags: Eye, Great, Time

Great musicians accept everything that they hear and find something good. They take what they like and they throw away what they don't like.

Tags: Away, Good, Great

I have not practiced saxophone since 1980. I mean, not one note. I do not pick it up in my house, and that's the end of it.

Tags: End, Mean, Since

I have wit in my work and a sense of humor, but I do not use irony in any way.

Tags: Humor, Sense, Work

People sometimes have a very hard time accepting change.

Tags: Change, Hard, Time

The idealists will always be in society, and we will survive.

Tags: Idealists, Society, Survive

When I'm writing, sometimes it gets to that place where I feel like the piece is writing itself and I'm trying not to get in the way.

Tags: Sometimes, Trying, Writing
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