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Jordana Brewster's Profile

Brief about Jordana Brewster: By info that we know Jordana Brewster was born at 1980-04-26. And also Jordana Brewster is American Actress.

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I once owned a really, really ugly pair of white leather boots. They were so bad. It was back in the '80s! It was just a really tacky fashion choice when I was in middle school, and I thought it was cool. I'm really embarrassed.

Tags: Bad, Cool, School

People spend so much time in their cars, and it's a legal way to have fun by speeding a little bit or testing yourself a little bit, and you get to invest in your car. For some people, it becomes their baby.

Tags: Car, Legal, Time

The ocean is 20 minutes away. Nature surrounds me 24/7. I wake up to the sounds of birds chirping. I also love that I can go out to dinner in jeans and flip-flops.

Tags: Away, Love, Nature

There was one day when I just didn't feel like I could do weight training after my cardio, so I didn't. You do have to know when to stop, or you can hurt yourself.

Tags: After, Hurt, Yourself

What I love about New York is that everyone is in their own world. It's the opposite of L.A. - there, everyone is looking outside of themselves to see who's next to them. What's great about New York is that you get to be anonymous.

Tags: Everyone, Great, Love

When I was really young. My sister and I would create different characters with our Barbie dolls - I'd be the crazy diva Barbie and she'd be the homeless Barbie.

Tags: Crazy, She, Young

You need the audience to become invested in the characters and in order to become invested, they need to identify with the characters... and that's why the characters need to be real.

Tags: Become, Real, Why

I like having a routine, because everything else... is so unpredictable.

Tags: Else, Routine

Women always want to be what they're not: If you're the pretty girl, you want to be the quirky girl. If you're the smart girl, you want to be the pretty girl.

Tags: Girl, Smart, Women

I miss the anonymity that comes with New York because everyone around you is so immersed in their own journey.

Tags: Everyone, Journey, Miss

At school, I basically wear one pair of jeans and sneakers for months on end.

Tags: End, Months, School

Even now that I'm married and 28, my room's still intact the way it was when I went to high school.

Tags: High, Married, School

I already have a production company called J Squared and we're working on two projects.

Tags: Company, Production, Working

I feel like directing is an innate talent.

Tags: Directing, Innate, Talent

I had to take driving lessons in New York, which were really weird because it's not the safest thing in the world.

Tags: Driving, Weird, York

I like action more than anything touchy-feely.

Tags: Action

I love working out, but I need my brain to be someplace else as my body does the work.

Tags: Brain, Love, Work

I meditate, which I really like. Just 20 minutes twice a day and that really helps.

Tags: Helps, Minutes, Twice

I moved to New York when I was 10, from Rio de Janeiro. So there was no need for driving: I took the subway, cabs and the bus.

Tags: Driving, Took, York

I think escapism is really important.

Tags: Escapism

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