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Directing Quotes

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It's such a strange combination that I'd be unhappy to make anything like that without Landis directing.

Tags: Strange, Unhappy  ✍ Author: Jenny Agutter

I was a standup comedian, which is kind of like writing and directing yourself.

Tags: Writing, Yourself  ✍ Author: Paul Feig

I have no interest in directing. I've no talent for it.

Tags: Interest, Talent  ✍ Author: Victor Garber

First of all, it was in my contract. I knew I would be directing an episode.

Tags: Contract, Knew  ✍ Author: Anthony Michael Hall

I think one day I want to be on the other side of the camera-maybe directing.

Tags: Side  ✍ Author: Mary-Kate Olsen

I do like directing other people's material.

Tags: Material  ✍ Author: Brian De Palma

But I didn't know much about directing a movie.

Tags: Movie  ✍ Author: Jason Alexander

I still don't know much about directing a movie.

Tags: Movie  ✍ Author: Jason Alexander

When you're directing something, you absolutely have to be involved in all layers of the process.

Tags: Involved, Process  ✍ Author: Cate Blanchett

I feel like directing is an innate talent.

Tags: Innate, Talent  ✍ Author: Jordana Brewster

Directing takes a lot of time.

Tags: Takes, Time  ✍ Author: Jeff Bridges

I had kicked around the idea for Good Eats when I was directing commercials.

Tags: Good, Idea  ✍ Author: Alton Brown

I know that John Adams has had a very hard time directing French ensembles.

Tags: Hard, Time  ✍ Author: Gavin Bryars

Directing, writing, producing and starring is just too tough.

Tags: Tough, Writing  ✍ Author: Stephen Chow

I certainly was an actor and then I drifted more towards writing and directing.

Tags: Actor, Writing  ✍ Author: Thomas Haden Church

We're doing a workshop over the first two weeks of December, I believe, with Graciella Daniele directing it.

Tags: December, Weeks  ✍ Author: Cy Coleman

I love directing.

Tags: Love  ✍ Author: Courteney Cox

I intend to do more directing TV.

Tags: Intend, Tv  ✍ Author: Bryan Cranston

I want to be an animated character. I'm also doing more writing and directing.

Tags: Character, Writing  ✍ Author: Illeana Douglas

What I learned from directing, I learned from soccer, where it's like a coach-player relationship.

Tags: Learned, Soccer  ✍ Author: Sean Durkin

Directing a film is a lot of work.

Tags: Film, Work  ✍ Author: Fred Durst

This directing thing just sort of fell my way and landed in my lap.

Tags: Fell, Landed  ✍ Author: Charles S. Dutton

This is one of the benefits, as well as one of the difficulties of directing a member of your family. You know where the buttons are. You can push them if you want.

Tags: Family, Push  ✍ Author: Emilio Estevez

Casting is 65 percent of directing.

Tags: Casting, Percent  ✍ Author: John Frankenheimer

I really, really love directing films.

Tags: Films, Love  ✍ Author: John Frankenheimer
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I just don't see where I could possibly fit in directing a feature.

Tags: Feature, Fit  ✍ Author: Rachel Griffiths

Directing is a tremendous art.

Tags: Art, Tremendous  ✍ Author: Steve Guttenberg

Role-playing isn't storytelling. If the dungeon master is directing it, it's not a game.

Tags: Game, Master  ✍ Author: Gary Gygax

I don't think I'm great at acting. I think I'm great at directing.

Tags: Acting, Great  ✍ Author: Melissa Joan Hart

I don't get nervous when I'm directing a play. It's not like acting.

Tags: Acting, Nervous  ✍ Author: Philip Seymour Hoffman

Anything that's got Stephan Elliott directing it is going to be interesting, to say the least.

 ✍ Author: Bill Hunter

He wasn't directing it, of course, so I didn't work with Hitchcock.

Tags: Hitchcock, Work  ✍ Author: Sally Kellerman

Well, I'm directing a lot of television these days.

Tags: Days, Television  ✍ Author: Joanna Kerns

Now I'm kind of established as a director, I much prefer directing to writing.

Tags: Director, Writing  ✍ Author: Ang Lee

Writing, producing and directing, I must say, is incredibly satisfying and gratifying.

Tags: Satisfying, Writing  ✍ Author: Jennifer Jason Leigh

Writing, producing and directing, I must say, is incredibly satisfying and gratifying. I've never been happier.

Tags: Happier, Writing  ✍ Author: Jennifer Jason Leigh

I don't see myself doing television, but I do see myself directing.

Tags: Television  ✍ Author: Demi Lovato

I wouldn't take a directing job if I didn't think it was enriching life.

Tags: Job, Life  ✍ Author: Baz Luhrmann

I think I am a writer, but professionally I feel drawn to and suited for directing.

Tags: Drawn, Writer  ✍ Author: Mary Stuart Masterson

I'm interested in films, in directing.

Tags: Films, Interested  ✍ Author: Benjamin Millepied

The art of photography is all about directing the attention of the viewer.

Tags: Art, Attention  ✍ Author: Steven Pinker

Directing her was like directing Lassie. You need 14 takes to get each one of them right.

Tags: Her, Takes  ✍ Author: Otto Preminger

I'm definitely moving more towards directing now.

Tags: Definitely, Moving  ✍ Author: Andy Serkis

I have no interest in writing, directing or producing.

Tags: Interest, Writing  ✍ Author: Ted Shackelford

I find directing more satisfying.

Tags: Satisfying  ✍ Author: Michael Shanks

The only thing that gets me back to directing is good scripts.

Tags: Good, Scripts  ✍ Author: Steven Spielberg

Even when I'm not directing, that doesn't stop Owen from having ideas for what I should be doing.

Tags: Ideas, Stop  ✍ Author: Ben Stiller

Directing has only increased my admiration and respect for what it is that actors do.

Tags: Admiration, Respect  ✍ Author: Eric Stoltz

I'll be directing some more 'Private Practice' episodes when we wrap 'Caprica.'

Tags: Practice, Private  ✍ Author: Eric Stoltz

I was directing before I knew it was called that.

Tags: Knew  ✍ Author: Guillermo del Toro

I love directing - it's always so involving, so challenging.

Tags: Involving, Love  ✍ Author: Stanley Tucci

I'd like to have a go at directing.

 ✍ Author: Ben Whishaw
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