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Kevin Pietersen's Profile

Brief about Kevin Pietersen: By info that we know Kevin Pietersen was born at 1980-06-27. And also Kevin Pietersen is South African Athlete.

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I'm always on my guard now.

Tags: Guard

I'm as hungry as ever.

Tags: Hungry

I'm not a robot.

Tags: Robot

I'm very thrilled and excited to have been given the opportunity to captain England.

Tags: Captain, England, Excited

I've had to calm down, I have a kid! It is amazing. It's the best thing ever. Nothing better than it.

Tags: Amazing, Best, Calm

I've realised I can be happy.

Tags: Happy, Realised

In the past I've thrown my wicket away on certain occasions.

Tags: Away, Past, Thrown

India buzzes for its players and that makes you feel special.

Tags: Makes, Players, Special

It's not fun facing a ball going 97 mph, trust me.

Tags: Ball, Fun, Trust

It's quite hard when you do fail and you don't achieve what you want to achieve.

Tags: Fail, Hard, Quite

It's tough being me.

Tags: Tough

Leaving South Africa was very difficult.

Tags: Africa, Difficult, Leaving

Look, I've heard a lot of people talk about me, they say I'm like Marmite. They like me, or they don't like me.

Tags: Heard, Talk

My England captaincy was not the England captaincy I wanted, that's what will live with me for a long time.

Tags: England, Time, Wanted

No one in their right mind would turn down the contracts I've been offered.

Tags: Contracts, Mind, Turn

Once you have the support of the lads around you, you can't ask for any more.

Tags: Ask, Once, Support

People do write books.

Tags: Books, Write

The England team is a team that never, ever stops.

Tags: England, Stops, Team

The hardest thing is that you can't trust people now. You just can't.

Tags: Hardest, Trust

The only way to get a three to four-month break would be to tear a tendon or a hamstring or something like that.

Tags: Break, Tear, Three