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Zebulon Pike's Profile

Brief about Zebulon Pike: By info that we know Zebulon Pike was born at 1970-01-01. And also Zebulon Pike is American Soldier.

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It was the wish of the Americans that their red brethren should remain peacefully round their own fires, and not embroil themselves in any disputes between the white people.

Tags: Between, Themselves, Wish

Owing to the difficulty of obtaining horses, Mr. Henry returns from this place. In descending the Mississippi I will request him to pay his respects to you.

Tags: Him, Pay, Place

The Pawnee chief had left the village the day after the doctor arrived, with 50 or 60 horses and many people, and had taken his course to the north of our route.

Tags: After, Doctor, Left

The preparations for my new voyage prevented the possiblity of my paying that attention to the correction of my errors, that I should otherwise have done.

Tags: Attention, Done, Errors

The village had a mill near it, situated on the little creek, which made very good flour. The population consisted of civilized Indians, but much mixed blood.

Tags: Blood, Good, Population

There had so lately been a large force of Spanish cavalry at the village, which had made a great impression on the minds of the young men, as to their power, consequence, which my appearance with 20 infantry was by no means calculated to remove.

Tags: Great, Men, Power

With the dreary season in which we travelled part of the route; with our minds much more actively employed in forming resources for our preservation from famine.

Tags: Minds, Resources, Season

They were conspiring to desert us in the night and steal some of our horses... we engaged a spy.

Tags: Desert, Night, Steal

Why cannot we correct the baneful passions, without weakening the good?

Tags: Cannot, Good, Why

A young man who is here speaks the Panis language, and in many other respects, is preferable.

Tags: Here, Language, Young

American agents... are the only persons authorized to hold councils of a political nature.

Tags: American, Nature, Political

At the lodge the chief gave me many particulars which were relative to the late visit of the Spaniards.

Tags: Chief, Gave, Late

Few Indians only had breech cloths, most being wrapped in buffalo robes, otherwise quite naked.

Tags: Few, Indians, Quite

He was a man, he always performed his promises.

Tags: Promises

I cannot consent to be led three or four hundred leagues out of my route, without its being by force of arms.

Tags: Cannot, Four, Three

I differ materially from Capt. Lewis, in my account of the numbers, manners, and morals of the Sioux.

Tags: Manners, Morals, Numbers

I was informed... that some... were dreaming and wished to return.

Tags: Dreaming, Informed, Return

If we go to Chihuahua we must be considered as prisoners of war?

Tags: Considered, Prisoners, War

In my proper character, I am an officer of the United States Army.

Tags: Army, Character, United

May Heaven be propitious, and smile on the cause of my country.

Tags: Country, May, Smile
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