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Laura Ingalls Wilder's Profile

Brief about Laura Ingalls Wilder: By info that we know Laura Ingalls Wilder was born at 1970-01-01. And also Laura Ingalls Wilder is American Author.

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Remember me with smiles and laughter, for that is how I will remember you all. If you can only remember me with tears, then don't remember me at all.

Tags: Laughter, Remember, Sympathy

It is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all.

Tags: Life, Real, Simple

Every job is good if you do your best and work hard. A man who works hard stinks only to the ones that have nothing to do but smell.

Tags: Best, Good, Work

Suffering passes, while love is eternal. That's a gift that you have received from God. Don't waste it.

Tags: God, Love, Suffering

Once you begin being naughty, it is easier to go and on and on, and sooner or later something dreadful happens.

Tags: Happens, Naughty, Once

So Pa sold the little house. He sold the cow and calf. He made hickory bows and fastened them upright to the wagon box. Ma helped him stretch white canvas over them.

Tags: Him, House, White

In the long winter evenings he talked to Ma about the Western country. In the West the land was level, and there were no trees. The grass grew thick and high.

Tags: Country, High, Winter

Home is the nicest word there is.

Tags: Home, Nicest, Word

A long time ago, when all the grandfathers and grandmothers of today were little boys and little girls or very small babies, or perhaps not even born, Pa and Ma and Mary and Laura and Baby Carrie left their little house in the Big Woods of Wisconsin.

Tags: Small, Time, Today

The trouble with organizing a thing is that pretty soon folks get to paying more attention to the organization than to what they're organized for.

Tags: Attention, Pretty, Trouble

But in the east the sky was pale and through the gray woods came lanterns with wagons and horses, bringing Grandpa and Grandma and aunts and uncles and cousins.

Tags: Cousins, East, Sky

Far worst of all, the fever had settled in Mary's eyes, and Mary was blind.

Tags: Eyes, Far, Worst

If enough people think of a thing and work hard enough at it, I guess it's pretty nearly bound to happen, wind and weather permitting.

Tags: Happen, Hard, Work

Pa did not like a country so old and worn out that the hunting was poor. He wanted to go west. For two years he had wanted to go west and take a homestead, but Ma did not want to leave the settled country.

Tags: Country, Old, Poor

Everything from the little house was in the wagon, except the beds and tables and chairs. They did not need to take these, because Pa could always make new ones.

Tags: Beds, Except, House

Her blue eyes were still beautiful, but they did not know what was before them, and Mary herself could never look through them again to tell Laura what she was thinking without saying a word.

Tags: Beautiful, Saying, Thinking

Mary and Carrie and baby Grace and Ma had all had scarlet fever. The Nelsons across the creek had had it too, so there had been no one to help Pa and Laura.

Tags: Baby, Grace, Help

So they all went away from the little log house. The shutters were over the windows, so the little house could not see them go. It stayed there inside the log fence, behind the two big oak trees that in the summertime had made green roofs for Mary and Laura to play under.

Tags: Away, Big, House

The enormous lake stretched flat and smooth and white all the way to the edge of the gray sky. Wagon tracks went away across it, so far that you could not see where they went; they ended in nothing at all.

Tags: Away, Far, Sky

The path that went by the little house had become a road. Almost every day Laura and Mary stopped their playing and stared in surprise at a wagon slowly creaking by on that road.

Tags: Become, Path, Road

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