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Lord Nelson's Profile

Brief about Lord Nelson: By info that we know Lord Nelson was born at 1970-01-01. And also Lord Nelson is British Soldier.

Some Lord Nelson's quotes. Goto "Lord Nelson's quotation" section for more.

Treat every Frenchman as if he was the devil himself.

Tags: Devil, Himself, Treat

I don't ever believe in violence as a kind of medicine.

Tags: Medicine, Violence

I don't think there's any formula for what makes great art.

Tags: Art, Great, Makes

In life and art, there are distinctions to be made between what an act of cruelty consists of.

Tags: Art, Between, Life

Art to me is not precious enough that I feel territorial about what the word gets applied to. Conversations about what counts as art and what doesn't doesn't captivate my attention very much.

Tags: Art, Enough, Word

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