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Lou Ferrigno's Profile

Brief about Lou Ferrigno: By info that we know Lou Ferrigno was born at 1952-11-09. And also Lou Ferrigno is American Actor.

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The attitude is very important. Because, your behavior radiates how you feel.

Tags: Attitude, Behavior

To be a champion you must act like one, act like a champion.

Tags: Act, Champion

I never think about losing.

Tags: Losing

If you are going to try and hide something, sooner or later people are going to find out.

Tags: Hide, Later, Try

You are going to have bad days and have good days.

Tags: Bad, Days, Good

I know right a way there's a person that's very insecure; that he's trying to out do me. And, ah, like I was saying before, if you give one-hundred percent of your best, and you may have fault, but there is nothing you can do, because you gave one-hundred percent.

Tags: Best, May, Saying

It's funny how sometimes how the public some people think I was born like this. That I maybe I sleep and I do big muscle, but its a lot of work to look like this and to be in this kind of condition.

Tags: Funny, Sleep, Work

I have never stopped considering not becoming a writer.

Tags: Becoming, Stopped, Writer

I think it's a very bad idea for someone to start writing for a readership.

Tags: Bad, Someone, Writing

I've always thought things were absurd. It would take a lot more effort for me to see things as reasonable.

Tags: Effort, Reasonable, Thought

The main questions of everyday life are too enormous to answer in any definitive sense.

Tags: Everyday, Life, Sense

Without work, so much of one's identity just evaporates.

Tags: Evaporates, Identity, Work

After I left college I thought, very naively, that either you became someone interesting - an artist - or you went into academia. If you ended up in an office you were dull and lacking. And I ended up in an office.

Tags: After, Someone, Thought

Every time you hear someone read your book and liked your book, you're never sure whether that's going to follow with a similar remark from someone else. Perhaps I have low expectations, but whenever I hear someone say, 'I liked your book,' I don't know if it's going to happen again.

Tags: Book, Someone, Time

Everyone desires relationships and community. Most people want to belong to a cohesive, like-minded group. It staves off loneliness. It promotes identity. These are natural and very human instincts.

Tags: Everyone, Human, Loneliness

I believe people think as a group more often than we might realize or care to admit. We like to believe that we act as individuals and nothing more, but time and again - in corporations and business, in politics and religion, in fashion and culture, and in friendships and social circles - we think and do as one.

Tags: Politics, Religion, Time

I come from a very illustrious line of divorces. We love to get divorced in my family. My mother and father have been married four times each - eight ceremonies with the best of intentions.

Tags: Best, Family, Love

I don't write directly on to the computer because I don't think well facing forward with fingers on a keyboard. I think better looking down holding a pen. And the concentration quotient of pen and paper is higher than when I'm moving words around on screen.

Tags: Forward, Moving, Words

My first job is to write a book that I believe is compelling and deserves the long sustained attention that any novel requires, and to worry about the commerce only late in the game.

Tags: Book, Game, Job

One thing that I discovered about myself is I really don't like traveling. I feel like it's a terrible personal failing, but I was so satisfied to arrive at the conclusion.

Tags: Failing, Personal, Terrible
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