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Louis Susman's Profile

Brief about Louis Susman: By info that we know Louis Susman was born at 1937-11-19. And also Louis Susman is American Diplomat.

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I don't think anyone enjoys raising money, but for some reason I seem to have a knack.

Tags: Anyone, Money, Reason

In war and in peace, in prosperity and times of economic hardship, America has no better friend or more dependable ally than the United Kingdom.

Tags: Friend, Peace, War

Sometimes, I think I have the best job in the world.

Tags: Best, Job, Sometimes

The Americans' position is clear: we promote democracy.

Tags: Clear, Democracy, Position

You know it's easy to say you shouldn't do something and then something happens and you say, 'Wow, I wish I would have done something.'

Tags: Done, Easy, Wish

I want to say unequivocally the Queen is magnificent. She is the enduring force, she is the glue that makes everyone feel good. She is beloved. I would rue the day when she may not be here.

Tags: Good, Here, May
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