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Manti Te'o's Profile

Brief about Manti Te'o: By info that we know Manti Te'o was born at 1991-01-26. And also Manti Te'o is American Athlete.

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As long as my family's OK, I'll be fine.

Tags: Family, Fine, Ok

Ever since I was young, if somebody needs help, you help them out.

Tags: Help, Since, Young

The NFL is my goal, not my dream. My dream is to have an impact on people.

Tags: Dream, Goal, Impact

I think it's my job to make any question interesting by coming up with a jazzy answer, otherwise I hardly deserve the spotlight, right?

Tags: Deserve, Job, Question

I'm never not going to be interested in young girls who are struggling in poor places.

Tags: Interested, Poor, Young

Lots of my writing can be accurately called lesbian, but I myself am queer and date people of all genders.

Tags: Lesbian, Lots, Writing

There are a lot of queers starved for entertainment from their own community.

Tags: Community, Starved

Of course it is very limiting to be labeled a lesbian or queer writer. We live in a homophobic culture, and even people who aren't hateful per se assume they won't get anything from a queer book.

Tags: Book, Culture, Lesbian

There is a huge difference between writing a book, which is a private activity I engage in with myself, and wanting to engage in overly intimate personal conversations with strangers, which I pretty much never want to do.

Tags: Book, Pretty, Writing