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It is not only fine feathers that make fine birds.

Tags: Birds, Feathers  ✍ Author: Sade Adu

Eternal nothingness is fine if you happen to be dressed for it.

Tags: Eternal, Happen  ✍ Author: Woody Allen

To sit in the shade on a fine day and look upon verdure is the most perfect refreshment.

Tags: Nature, Perfect  ✍ Author: Jane Austen

It is a fine thing to be honest, but it is also very important to be right.

Tags: Honest  ✍ Author: Winston Churchill

A bachelor's life is a fine breakfast, a flat lunch, and a miserable dinner.

Tags: Life, Miserable  ✍ Author: Francis Bacon

I think the blues is fine for blues players, but free blues has never made much sense to me.

Tags: Free, Sense  ✍ Author: Derek Bailey

Cartooning at its best is a fine art. I'm a cartoonist who works in the medium of animation, which also allows me to paint my cartoons.

Tags: Art, Best  ✍ Author: Ralph Bakshi

When I decide to score, I score. I know I am strong, but I believe it is not enough yet. I can kick fine, dribble very well, but I still have to improve.

Tags: Enough, Strong  ✍ Author: Mario Balotelli

Mystery is a resource, like coal or gold, and its preservation is a fine thing.

Tags: Gold, Mystery  ✍ Author: James Cagney

I see badly, I hear badly, and I feel bad, but everything's fine.

Tags: Bad, Hear  ✍ Author: Jeanne Calment

I don't worry about a number. I'm fine with aging.

Tags: Number, Worry  ✍ Author: Naomi Campbell

I'm not unattractive, but I'm not a matinee idol. I think I have a very non-threatening look - I'm fine, I'm right in the middle.

Tags: Idol, Middle  ✍ Author: Steve Carell

Metaphors are fine if they aid understanding, but sometimes they get in the way.

Tags: Metaphors, Sometimes  ✍ Author: Richard Dawkins

Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything.

Tags: Accuracy, Fast  ✍ Author: Wyatt Earp

I'm kind of glad the web is sort of totally anarchic. That's fine with me.

Tags: Glad, Web  ✍ Author: Roger Ebert

Premature burial works just fine as a cure for adolescence.

Tags: Cure, Works  ✍ Author: George Alec Effinger

I think it's fine for girls to ask boys out. I actually prefer it.

Tags: Actually, Ask  ✍ Author: Zac Efron

Honestly, if the worst these people can say about me is that I'm gay, then I think I'll be fine. I can handle it.

Tags: Gay, Worst  ✍ Author: Zac Efron

Fine manners need the support of fine manners in others.

Tags: Others, Support  ✍ Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson

Insane people are always sure that they are fine. It is only the sane people who are willing to admit that they are crazy.

Tags: Crazy, Sure  ✍ Author: Nora Ephron

The entire world is my temple, and a very fine one too, if I'm not mistaken, and I'll never lack priests to serve it as long as there are men.

Tags: Lack, Men  ✍ Author: Desiderius Erasmus

One of the fine moments in 1940s film is no longer than a blink: Bogart, as he crosses the street from one bookstore to another, looks up at a sign.

Tags: Another, Film  ✍ Author: Manny Farber

If you don't want to deal with them, fine. But don't hamper other people from dealing with them.

Tags: Deal, Dealing  ✍ Author: Dan Farmer

She laughs at everything you say. Why? Because she has fine teeth.

Tags: She, Why  ✍ Author: Benjamin Franklin

It is the eye of other people that ruin us. If I were blind I would want, neither fine clothes, fine houses or fine furniture.

Tags: Blind, Eye  ✍ Author: Benjamin Franklin
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I know there's a farmer out there somewhere who never wants a PC and that's fine with me.

Tags: Somewhere, Wants  ✍ Author: Bill Gates

It's fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.

Tags: Failure, Success  ✍ Author: Bill Gates

On a personal level, we all get along fine.

Tags: Along, Personal  ✍ Author: Alex Van Halen

If the world were good for nothing else, it is a fine subject for speculation.

Tags: Else, Good  ✍ Author: William Hazlitt

It is a fine thing to have ability, but the ability to discover ability in others is the true test.

Tags: Others, True  ✍ Author: Lou Holtz

I get called an adrenaline junkie every other minute, and I'm just fine with that.

Tags: Adrenaline, Minute  ✍ Author: Steve Irwin

I'm fine the way I am. There's nothing wrong with me.

Tags: Wrong  ✍ Author: Janet Jackson

To criticize is to appreciate, to appropriate, to take intellectual possession, to establish in fine a relation with the criticized thing and to make it one's own.

Tags: Appreciate, Criticize  ✍ Author: Henry James

Ronald Reagan had many fine qualities and he had many shortcomings. He's not the simple, folksy figure that he's often portrayed as.

Tags: Often, Simple  ✍ Author: Al Jardine

We shall not have succeeded in demolishing everything unless we demolish the ruins as well. But the only way I can see of doing that is to use them to put up a lot of fine, well-designed buildings.

Tags: Put, Shall  ✍ Author: Alfred Jarry

A fat stomach never breeds fine thoughts.

Tags: Fat, Thoughts  ✍ Author: Thomas Jefferson

Read over your compositions, and when you meet a passage which you think is particularly fine, strike it out.

Tags: Meet, Read  ✍ Author: Samuel Johnson

I'm fine with the life I have.

Tags: Life  ✍ Author: Chris Kattan

Scenery is fine - but human nature is finer.

Tags: Human, Nature  ✍ Author: John Keats

Catholics have guilt and Jews have guilt, fine. But mothers can trump them all.

Tags: Guilt, Mothers  ✍ Author: Diane Lane

For me, I don't even like to promote my films but I have to because it's in the fine print of my contract.

Tags: Films, Print  ✍ Author: Diane Lane

Everytime I go to Vegas, I seem to incur some kind of fine.

Tags: Seem, Vegas  ✍ Author: Artie Lange

I have been a waitress, and I was a damn fine waitress too, let me tell you.

Tags: Tell, Waitress  ✍ Author: Jessica Lange

Nonviolence is fine as long as it works.

Tags: Works  ✍ Author: Malcolm X

So as long as I can do the music or create, I'll feel fine.

Tags: Create, Music  ✍ Author: Dave Navarro

I am not Jewish, but I think that America invented nothing so fine as deli food.

Tags: America, Food  ✍ Author: Mike Newell

Concentration is a fine antidote to anxiety.

Tags: Antidote, Anxiety  ✍ Author: Jack Nicklaus

I do not want a personal relationship with my fans. Or to do anything that encourages them to think they have one with me. They can have a personal relationship with my songs. That's fine, but they don't know me.

Tags: Personal, Songs  ✍ Author: Will Oldham

I always considered Ray Harryhausen's work so fine that it was way out of my league: in terms of realism and naturalism, in terms of animal movement.

Tags: Animal, Work  ✍ Author: Nick Park

Ultimately, I'm fine with everything that I've done.

Tags: Done, Ultimately  ✍ Author: Hunter Parrish

The Dark Side of the Moon is a fine album with a textural and conceptual richness that not only invites, but demands involvement. There is a certain grandeur.

Tags: Dark, Moon  ✍ Author: Alan Parsons

You wanna get rid of drug crime in this country? Fine, let's just get rid of all the drug laws.

Tags: Country, Crime  ✍ Author: Ron Paul

In fine, nothing is said now that has not been said before.

Tags: Said  ✍ Author: Jean Racine

I suppose your security is your success and your key to success is your fine palate.

Tags: Security, Success  ✍ Author: Gordon Ramsay

I'm doing what I want to do.

Tags: Except, Fun  ✍ Author: Nancy Reagan

Fine dining is an occasional treat for most people.

Tags: Dining, Treat  ✍ Author: Rene Redzepi

Nothing in fine print is ever good news.

Tags: Good, News  ✍ Author: Andy Rooney

Now I have the bravery to do fine things.

Tags: Bravery  ✍ Author: Gabriela Sabatini

The helicopter is a fine way to travel, but it induces a view of the world that only God and CEOs share on a regular basis.

Tags: God, Travel  ✍ Author: Morley Safer

Wall Street is greedy, reckless and they operate illegally. That's fine. But what do you do?

Tags: Greedy, Street  ✍ Author: Bernie Sanders

They have a fine breeze and are now we hope, well on their way.

Tags: Breeze, Hope  ✍ Author: John S. Tanner

Anyway, when I was a kid, I dutifully went to the Sydney Technical and Fine Arts College.

Tags: College, Kid  ✍ Author: Rod Taylor

As long as my family's OK, I'll be fine.

Tags: Family, Ok  ✍ Author: Manti Te\'o

The whale is endangered, while the ant continues to do just fine.

Tags: Endangered, While  ✍ Author: Bill Vaughan

Qmail out of the box works fine, so people will want to use it regardless of licensing restrictions, even when the software does not ship with their system software.

Tags: System, Works  ✍ Author: Terry Venables

What the devil does the plot signify, except to bring in fine things?

Tags: Bring, Devil  ✍ Author: George Villiers

Everything's fine today, that is our illusion.

Tags: Illusion, Today  ✍ Author: Voltaire

Most of the model consolidation we've done is behind us. There will be some fine tuning.

Tags: Behind, Done  ✍ Author: Rick Wagoner

I've never been one to look up the ladder. I've always looked down the ladder. As long as there's one guy down there, I'm fine.

Tags: Guy, Ladder  ✍ Author: Ron White

And exciting buildings are fine periodically.

Tags: Buildings, Exciting  ✍ Author: Minoru Yamasaki

The music and everything we're doing on the stage and on television backs itself up. If that's what gets people's curiosity going or brings their attention to us, that's fine.

Tags: Attention, Music  ✍ Author: Tina Yothers

If I can be an inspiration for someone, that's fine, but just don't look down on me. Don't say, 'Oh, you're in a wheelchair.'

Tags: Oh, Someone  ✍ Author: Mark Zupan

As soon as it sounds fine, I'm on to the next thing, man.

Tags: Next, Soon  ✍ Author: Damon Albarn

I have a fine sense of the ridiculous, but no sense of humor.

Tags: Humor, Sense  ✍ Author: Edward Albee

It's been a thrilling journey - I have had to really learn that an orchestra is an entity - it's a creature. I have been calling it the dragon and the conductor is the dragon tamer. And you just have to... ride and don't let go and you will be fine.

Tags: Journey, Learn  ✍ Author: Tori Amos

I certainly don't think adrenalin coursing through your veins, is going to help with the fine motor skills of golf.

Tags: Golf, Help  ✍ Author: Stuart Appleby

Storytelling is fine as long as you can encourage people to act on the stories.

Tags: Act, Stories  ✍ Author: Karen Armstrong

How can you be content to be in the world like tulips in a garden, to make a fine show, and be good for nothing.

Tags: Good, Show  ✍ Author: Mary Astell

There are hundreds of fine journalists who regularly inform us of what is happening in the world around us; and innumerable commentators who provide intelligent and objective insight on public policy matters.

Tags: Matters, Public  ✍ Author: Bob Barr

Fines are preferable to imprisonment and other types of punishment because they are more efficient. With a fine, the punishment to offenders is also revenue to the State.

Tags: Punishment, State  ✍ Author: Gary Becker

I feel fine and comfortable with myself, but not because I'm beautiful.

Tags: Beautiful  ✍ Author: Monica Bellucci

Constant togetherness is fine - but only for Siamese twins.

Tags: Constant, Twins  ✍ Author: Josh Billings

Thanks to farm subsidies, the fine collaboration between agribusiness and Congress, soy, corn and cattle became king. And chicken soon joined them on the throne. It was during this period that the cycle of dietary and planetary destruction began, the thing we're only realizing just now.

Tags: Between, Congress  ✍ Author: H. G. Bissinger

I can do the old hand vibrato just fine, but I like attacking the strings.

Tags: Hand, Old  ✍ Author: Ritchie Blackmore

Touch screen voting is a fine thing so long as they have a voter-verified paper trail.

Tags: Touch, Voting  ✍ Author: Nina Blackwood

You've got to be fine with who you are.

 ✍ Author: Corbin Bleu

The Internet is a bright spot for our struggling economy and functioning just fine without what amounts to a federal pat-down of the inner workings of the Internet.

Tags: Economy, Struggling  ✍ Author: Mary Bono

Youth will be served, every dog has his day, and mine has been a fine one.

Tags: Dog, Youth  ✍ Author: Francesco Borromini

I think fine dining is dying out everywhere... but I think there will be - and there has to always be - room for at least a small number of really fine, old-school fine-dining restaurants.

Tags: Dying, Small  ✍ Author: Anthony Bourdain

But generally I am fine with a capital F; probably in extraordinary shape for a man of my age.

Tags: Age, Shape  ✍ Author: Malcolm Boyd

If people want to criticize me because it sells papers, that's fine. I just don't like it when it's inaccurate.

Tags: Criticize, Papers  ✍ Author: Eli Broad

True enthusiasm is a fine feeling whose flash I admire where-ever I see it.

Tags: Feeling, True  ✍ Author: Charlotte Bronte

That's the wise thrush; he sings each song twice over, lest you should think he never could recapture the first fine careless rapture!

Tags: Song, Wise  ✍ Author: Robert Browning

For too long the world has failed to recognise that the Olympic Games and the Olympic Movement are about fine athletics and fine art.

Tags: Art, Games  ✍ Author: Avery Brundage

The Opera is obviously the first draft of a fine spectacle; it suggests the idea of one.

Tags: Idea, Opera  ✍ Author: John Bruton

There are some people who only know me for cornflakes ads, and that's fine. I have a charmed life.

Tags: Ads, Life  ✍ Author: Rob Brydon

Idealism is fine, but as it approaches reality, the costs become prohibitive.

Tags: Become, Reality  ✍ Author: William F. Buckley, Jr.

But that's fine, because I like to have control of the ambience.

Tags: Ambience, Control  ✍ Author: Harold Budd

Incidentally, Boies, I'm sure, is a very fine lawyer.

Tags: Lawyer, Sure  ✍ Author: Vincent Bugliosi

No, Jar Jar Binks was fine by me but probably went on a little bit too long. When they were in trouble and were battling, it should have been more serious and it became a bit too silly.

Tags: Serious, Trouble  ✍ Author: Jeremy Bulloch

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