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Mary McCormack's Profile

Brief about Mary McCormack: By info that we know Mary McCormack was born at 1969-02-08. And also Mary McCormack is American Actress.

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Five years is a long time to play one part.

Tags: Five, Time

I always want to work.

Tags: Work

I can be a little acerbic.

Tags: Chocolate, Eat, Love

I love Los Angeles. I love when people make fun of it. I think, 'Good, don't come.' All the jokes about it feel out of date.

Tags: Fun, Good, Love

I think it's good for moms to work. I have three daughters, so I like them to see me working and doing something I'm passionate about.

Tags: Good, Work, Working

I'm from durable stock. I'm made to work. I'm Irish.

Tags: Irish, Stock, Work

I've done an informal, anecdotal survey about marriage, and I've found no evidence that it brings happiness.

Tags: Done, Happiness, Marriage

If you're a caretaker, who are you when there's no one else to take care of?

Tags: Care, Else

Most women get pregnant and even though it's a challenge physically and uncomfortable, they generally wanted to be pregnant.

Tags: Challenge, Wanted, Women

Really, I'm just a simple girl from Jersey.

Tags: Girl, Jersey, Simple

There's nothing more fun than acting on stage with a live audience and that immediate feedback.

Tags: Acting, Fun, Stage

You won't believe what our kids are eating in the public schools. It's just nuts.

Tags: Kids, Public, Won

I mean one of the weird things about TV and one of the things that some actors don't like but I kind of dig is that you never know where you're headed, I mean you never know what the writer might think of next.

Tags: Mean, Might, Weird

I'm not the most delicate - I'm not the most graceful person, and I like playing a sport where being not delicate and not graceful is actually a good thing.

Tags: Actually, Good, Playing

Witness protection just makes for exciting stories and it's a really rich sort of place to grab stories from... people starting over completely, saying goodbye to their lives before... it never ends in terms of story opportunities.

Tags: Place, Rich, Saying

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