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Mary Steenburgen's Profile

Brief about Mary Steenburgen: By info that we know Mary Steenburgen was born at 1953-02-08. And also Mary Steenburgen is American Actress.

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Anything to do with the South resonates with me, because I'm Southern.

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I helped found Artists for New South Africa, but it used to be called Artists for Free South Africa. Alfre Woodard and a bunch of us started this.

Tags: Free, Started, Used

I think that we need to look hard at our beliefs and be responsible about how we speak out.

Tags: Beliefs, Hard, Speak

It's usually, my people speak to your people and then they speak around each other and trade calls for weeks.

Tags: Calls, Speak, Trade

I know this is kind of corny, but we thought about renewing our vows again because I think my mom would really love it if we did that in Arkansas, where I came from.

Tags: Love, Mom, Thought

I take the fact that films cost a lot of money very seriously, but once in a while to have somebody say, This is a big scene, take your time with it, is important. That's John Sayles.

Tags: Big, Money, Time

I was this person with this weird last name from New York that no one had ever heard of. But my screen test I guess, according to him, was the best. So I got the part, which was incredible.

Tags: Best, Him, Last

I'd already made the decision before I'd even read it-just because it was John Sayles. Then when I read it, the themes were actually themes that have been a big part of my life.

Tags: Big, Decision, Life

It was a few days later I came out to Hollywood for a screen test, and so did a lot of other people. So, I really didn't think I would get it. I was definitely the one that was least likely to get it, because everyone else was an already established star.

Tags: Else, Everyone, Few

There's a certain arrogance to an actor who will look at a script and feel like, because the words are simple, maybe they can paraphrase it and make it better.

Tags: Arrogance, Simple, Words

There's just such a premium on hurrying, and the camera is the be all and end all, and the actors had better hurry up and get it right and get it done.

Tags: Camera, Done, End