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Matthew Hayden's Profile

Brief about Matthew Hayden: By info that we know Matthew Hayden was born at 1971-10-29. And also Matthew Hayden is Australian Athlete.

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One-day cricket is a very important part of our play. We've got a long way to go until the next World Cup and for us it's one ruthless game after another where we can play well.

Tags: After, Cricket, Game

Both sides have been playing tremendous cricket over a couple of years and they're both very good units.

Tags: Cricket, Good, Playing

Everything this series is being built up to be - I think it's going to live up to those expectations.

Tags: Built, Series

It's a very special venue and a very special occasion.

Tags: Occasion, Special, Venue

This game is something Australians really look forward to.

Tags: Forward, Game

It's a fun day, a day which kicks off the start of our tour, it's got great tradition - Australian cricketers just love tradition - and it's been a really pleasant day.

Tags: Fun, Great, Love

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