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Melky Cabrera's Profile

Brief about Melky Cabrera: By info that we know Melky Cabrera was born at 1984-08-11. And also Melky Cabrera is American Athlete.

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I just like to be under the radar and concentrate and do my job.

Tags: Job, Radar

I need my mom for moral support plus to do the house things.

Tags: Mom, Moral, Support

I think the one person that has the most influence on me is the Lord.

Tags: Influence, Lord

I've been very happy with all the teams I've played for. They all treated me very well.

Tags: Happy, Played, Treated

My mom is always with me. When I made my major-league debut I told her, 'That's it. You don't work anymore. I'm going to work and take care of you.'

Tags: Care, Mom, Work

When you are 20 years old, you are immature.

Tags: Immature, Old
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