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Method Man's Profile

Brief about Method Man: By info that we know Method Man was born at 1971-04-01. And also Method Man is American Musician.

Some Method Man's quotes. Goto "Method Man's quotation" section for more.

When the ball dropped in 1999, I was holding dough and champagne in my hands and holding my kids.

Tags: Ball, Hands, Kids

Yeah, the next Wu album should be out by late '95.

Tags: Album, Late, Next

Regardless of how me or this man right here or anybody else in this business get, when we walk on an airplane in first-class looking like this, we're gonna get searched.

Tags: Business, Else, Here

Yeah I'm telling real stories, but if you pick up a documentary on strippers, you're going to want to see some stripping, so we definitely got that in there.

Tags: Real, Stories, Telling

Rap is a gimmick, but I'm for the hip-hop, the culture.

Tags: Culture, Gimmick, Rap

I don't think any gay dude is gangsta, period.

Tags: Gangsta, Gay, Period

After a while, you can't get any higher. It's like your head is in a wind tunnel - everything is vibrating.

Tags: After, While, Wind

Now we just showin' and provin' that there's a ghetto everywhere you go.

Tags: Everywhere, Ghetto

How many gangsters you know, from Al Capone up to John Gotti, been gay?

Tags: Capone, Gangsters, Gay

I want to do a documentary about strippers, 'cause it's a moneymaker.

Tags: Cause

People know when you're frontin'.

Tags: Father, Girl, Mother

I have 15,000 comics in a warehouse, all bagged individually.

Tags: Comics, Warehouse

I still gotta reacquaint myself with the hip-hop audience.

Tags: Audience, Gotta

I wanna sit behind the scenes and see nothin' but the greens.

Tags: Behind, Sit, Wanna

I'd have a sex scene with Whoopi Goldberg or Star Jones.

Tags: Scene, Sex, Star

I'm a peaceful dude.

Tags: Dude, Peaceful

I'm a rapper trying to be an actor.

Tags: Actor, Rapper, Trying

I'm in between homes right now, but my last house was dope.

Tags: Between, House, Last

I've got more creative control when I do music.

Tags: Control, Creative, Music

It's been so long since I was in a real fight.

Tags: Fight, Real, Since

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