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Peaceful Quotes

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Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It's the transition that's troublesome.

Tags: Death, Life  ✍ Author: Isaac Asimov

Ballots are the rightful and peaceful successors to bullets.

Tags: Ballots, Bullets  ✍ Author: Abraham Lincoln

The past is prophetic in that it asserts loudly that wars are poor chisels for carving out peaceful tomorrows.

Tags: Past, Poor  ✍ Author: Martin Luther King, Jr.

Wars are poor chisels for carving out peaceful tomorrows.

Tags: Poor, Wars  ✍ Author: Martin Luther King, Jr.

There is nothing more American than peaceful protest.

Tags: American, Protest  ✍ Author: Russ Feingold

I firmly believe that the mission of religion in the 21st century must be to contribute concretely to the peaceful coexistence of humankind.

Tags: Century, Religion  ✍ Author: Daisaku Ikeda

Deep experience is never peaceful.

Tags: Deep, Experience  ✍ Author: Henry James

A peaceful man does more good than a learned one.

Tags: Good, Learned  ✍ Author: Pope John XXIII

To the extent that these advanced weapons or their components are treated as articles of commerce, perhaps for peaceful uses as in the Plowshare program, their cost would be well within the resources available to many large private organizations.

Tags: Perhaps, Within  ✍ Author: Herman Kahn

I'm a peaceful person once work ethic is established.

Tags: Once, Work  ✍ Author: Shirley MacLaine

You don't have a peaceful revolution. You don't have a turn-the-cheek revolution. There's no such thing as a nonviolent revolution.

Tags: Nonviolent, Revolution  ✍ Author: Malcolm X

Islam is a peaceful religion.

Tags: Islam, Religion  ✍ Author: Youssou N\'Dour

Many American Muslims are peaceful and define jihad primarily as an internal struggle to improve.

Tags: American, Struggle  ✍ Author: Marvin Olasky

There cannot be peaceful coexistence in the ideological realm. Peaceful coexistence corrupts.

Tags: Cannot, Corrupts  ✍ Author: Jiang Qing

I was involved in some peaceful protests.

Tags: Involved, Protests  ✍ Author: Todd Akin

You know, the country is basically peaceful.

Tags: Basically, Country  ✍ Author: Paul Bremer

Free nations are peaceful nations. Free nations don't attack each other. Free nations don't develop weapons of mass destruction.

Tags: Free, Nations  ✍ Author: George W. Bush

Shy is the oyster, fervent is the clam, peaceful is the ocean floor rocked by the sands of time.

Tags: Ocean, Time  ✍ Author: Bradley Chicho

James Garner is like a peaceful river through our chaos.

Tags: Chaos, River  ✍ Author: Kaley Cuoco

It is very important that the world know that there have been 500 years of peaceful coexistence in Turkey between the Jews and Moslems.

Tags: Between, Jews  ✍ Author: Thomas Erskine

I declare myself an Austrian and a European. A united Europe will be a peaceful Europe.

Tags: Europe, United  ✍ Author: Heinz Fischer

Power to the peaceful!

Tags: Peace, Power  ✍ Author: Michael Franti

A nation without dregs and malcontents is orderly, peaceful and pleasant, but perhaps without the seed of things to come.

Tags: Nation, Perhaps  ✍ Author: Eric Hoffer

Kabul was very popular with the hippies in the Sixties and Seventies. It was very quiet and peaceful.

Tags: Popular, Quiet  ✍ Author: Khaled Hosseini

Power to the peaceful.

Tags: Power  ✍ Author: Vanessa Hudgens
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My commitment to a humane and peaceful world continues to this day.

Tags: Commitment, Humane  ✍ Author: Walter Kohn

Art never seems to make me peaceful or pure.

Tags: Art, Seems  ✍ Author: Willem de Kooning

All my work is much more peaceful than I am.

Tags: Work  ✍ Author: Maya Lin

I feel like I've kind of gotten to a peaceful place in my heart.

Tags: Heart, Place  ✍ Author: Shelby Lynne

I'm a peaceful dude.

Tags: Dude  ✍ Author: Method Man

I want just to be happy and peaceful. And that's not always the case when you're married.

Tags: Happy, Married  ✍ Author: Olivier Martinez

I assure you, it would be much more pleasant for me to be an ordinary voter in peaceful Chechnya than the president of a republic at war.

Tags: President, War  ✍ Author: Aslan Maskhadov

It's peaceful for people to know how their lives are going to be, pretty much.

Tags: Lives, Pretty  ✍ Author: Elizabeth McGovern

The Dove, on silver pinions, winged her peaceful way.

Tags: Her, Peace  ✍ Author: George Montgomery

Women are not inherently passive or peaceful.

Tags: Passive, Women  ✍ Author: Robin Morgan

There's a part of bohemia I love. The lack of prejudice, the lack of aggression, I love the lack, for the most part, of competitiveness. It's more peaceful.

Tags: Lack, Love  ✍ Author: Peter Mullan

The endgame is peaceful reunification of the Korean peninsula.

Tags: Korean, Peninsula  ✍ Author: Lee Myung-bak

India is one of the world's largest and most peaceful states with advanced nuclear technologies and has been isolated from the rest of the world on nuclear issues.

Tags: Issues, Rest  ✍ Author: Henry Paulson

Well, the oil, the oil spot, if you will, is a, is a term in counterinsurgency literature that connotes a peaceful area, secure area. So what you're trying to do is to always extend that, to push that out.

Tags: Literature, Trying  ✍ Author: David Petraeus

But Portugal has a peaceful feel about it. I sit on the terrace overlooking the vineyard there and I feel cut off from the world. You need that sort of thing.

Tags: Off, Sit  ✍ Author: Cliff Richard

Peace is rarely denied to the peaceful.

Tags: Peace, Rarely  ✍ Author: Friedrich Schiller

I tell myself every offseason I'm not going to say anything crazy. I'm just going to have a peaceful season... Can't do it. I'm cut from a different cloth.

Tags: Crazy, Tell  ✍ Author: Gary Sheffield

I want Thailand to be a peaceful country.

Tags: Country, Thailand  ✍ Author: John Shimkus

During this period, Japan's peaceful commercial relations were successively obstructed, primarily by the American rupture of commercial relations, and this was a grave threat to the survival of Japan.

Tags: American, Survival  ✍ Author: Hideki Tojo

I feel very peaceful.

 ✍ Author: Sojourner Truth

I've always been under the impression that it would be such a bummer to be in a peaceful place like Hawaii or the tropics and be stressed about catching waves.

Tags: Impression, Place  ✍ Author: Shaun White

I would prefer things to be peaceful and not have conflict.

Tags: Conflict, Prefer  ✍ Author: Don Winslow
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