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Mick Fleetwood's Profile

Brief about Mick Fleetwood: By info that we know Mick Fleetwood was born at 1942-06-24. And also Mick Fleetwood is British Musician.

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I love wearing a lot of color, and I am majorly into scarves. I'm the Beau Brummell of Fleetwood Mac, no doubt.

Tags: Color, Doubt, Love

Life is a glass of wine and having your feet washed - it's a biblical event, might I add. This is part of mankind's story. You are always looking for a moment to take a break.

Tags: Life, Moment, Wine

At last a dream come true. The Instrument of Instruments.

Tags: Dream, Last, True

John Lee Hooker became a friend of mine and I love all of his work. He was truly an icon. He lived the life. I miss him.

Tags: Life, Love, Work

My template for most songs is 'Is this inspiring?' and with the blues it so often is.

Tags: Blues, Often, Songs

That creates the magic, and that's the wonderment of the musical process and how precious that is.

Tags: Magic, Precious, Process

The value of friends has always been a natural thing. I prefer too many to too few.

Tags: Few, Friends, Value

There are no Kleenex boxes on these loops, just so you know.

Tags: Boxes, Loops

We're all looking for those moments - a relief. That's why people go out and treat themselves.

Tags: Themselves, Treat, Why

Fleetwood Mac has been pretty truthful. Open about what we do. We've always done it from the inside out. Versus being pressured from the outside and changing the inside. And that's our story.

Tags: Done, Pretty, Story

Fleetwood Mac were really accessible musically, but lyrically and emotionally, we weren't so easy. And it was our music that helped us survive. But all of us were in pieces personally.

Tags: Easy, Music, Survive

I keep fit, I work out, I eat pretty damn well, I don't drink like a fish, and all of those things are tempered with a holistic mind-set that you need to damn well respect the vehicle that you're walking around in.

Tags: Pretty, Respect, Work

I really understand what that process is all about and how important it is, especially with young folk and creative folk that love looking for some platform that makes it easier for them to express themselves.

Tags: Love, Understand, Young

If you were to ask me, 'What the hell does a musician have in common with a restaurant?' I would say a huge amount. It's show time every day, it's a team of people, like, running a circus, which is running a rock-and-roll band.

Tags: Hell, Team, Time

In order to run a great business, you must know that a bunch of really intrinsically unhappy people, that's not a recipe for success. Don't be anywhere you don't need to be; it's just like that.

Tags: Business, Great, Success

No matter what - rehearsed, under-rehearsed, over-rehearsed, doubts about rehearsing - the first gig is always the first gig, and you put on your little praying hat, batten down the hatch, and do what you do.

Tags: Doubts, Matter, Put

To me, the blues is an infection. I don't think it's necessarily a melancholy thing; the blues can be really positive and I think I think anyone and everyone can have a place for the blues. It need not always a woeful, sorrowful thing. It's more reflective; it reminds you to feel.

Tags: Everyone, Place, Positive
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