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Mike Schmidt's Profile

Brief about Mike Schmidt: By info that we know Mike Schmidt was born at 1949-09-27. And also Mike Schmidt is American Athlete.

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Any time you think you have the game conquered, the game will turn around and punch you right in the nose.

Tags: Game, Nose, Time

I could ask the Phillies to keep me on to add to my statistics, but my love for the game won't let me do that.

Tags: Game, Keep, Love

I don't think I can get into my deep inner thoughts about hitting. It's like talking about religion.

Tags: Deep, Religion, Thoughts

Pete Rose is the most likable arrogant person I've ever met.

Tags: Arrogant, Likable, Rose

Virtually every civilized society today holds sacred the right to peaceably bury their dead.

Tags: Dead, Society, Today

Gold Gloves are nice to have people mention. They're basically saying you're a pretty good defensive player along with everything else. But I was about the offensive side.

Tags: Good, Nice, Saying

I sort of ride the fence on that whole steroid era issue. I don't have a definite opinion like some of my fellow Hall of Famers. Some of the guys were very, very adamant about a person being associated with steroids: 'They'll never be in the Hall of Fame. If they are, I'll never come back.'

Tags: Guys, Opinion, Whole

I'm 61 now, and I'm comfortable in my lifestyle... I don't yearn for the limelight on a regular basis. I get a kick out of it every so often. I go to Philly and go to a game, and they make a big deal about me. That's fun for a couple of days, and I can go back to my own private life.

Tags: Fun, Game, Life

I've got to tell you right out of the chute, Ryan Howard, to me, is very interested in my input in his hitting. To me that makes me really feel good. We've chatted over the years about hitting.

Tags: Good, Makes, Tell

If you could equate the amount of time and effort put in mentally and physically into succeeding on the baseball field and measured it by the dirt on your uniform, mine would have been black.

Tags: Baseball, Black, Time

That was one of the most comfortable things about leaving baseball was to leave the environment. It's very much like a rock star existence - the nightlife, the hotels, lack of privacy... There's a lot of temptations out there. It was nice getting away from it.

Tags: Baseball, Nice, Rock

They read their sports pages, know their statistics and either root like hell or boo our butts off. I love it. Give me vocal fans, pro or con, over the tourist types who show up in Houston or Montreal and just sit there.

Tags: Give, Love, Sports
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