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Olivia Colman's Profile

Brief about Olivia Colman: By info that we know Olivia Colman was born at 1974-01-30. And also Olivia Colman is English Actress.

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Everything with me is pretty close to the surface, but having kids has completely ruined my emotional equilibrium.

Tags: Emotional, Kids, Pretty

I always assumed I would leave drama school and do 'Lady Macbeth' and all sorts of serious things. It just didn't happen.

Tags: Happen, School, Serious

I always assumed I'd be a terribly patient mum but it turns out I'm not!

Tags: Assumed, Mum, Patient

I don't like the bullying, do-one-over style of comedy. It's so cheap.

Tags: Bullying, Comedy, Style

I feel fortunate that I'm not a beauty. I'm not a classic beauty. I feel it is harder for girls who are like that. There are fewer parts.

Tags: Beauty, Fortunate, Harder

I love my job and I know I am very lucky but still, if you audition and you don't get it, it still affects you.

Tags: Job, Love, Lucky

The first time I did a school play was the first time I felt I was good at anything at all. I just loved it.

Tags: Good, School, Time

I am a bit sickie happy. I am prone to black clouds too, but... I am embarrassed about them. It's like: 'My diamond shoes are too tight. My money clip doesn't fit all my fifties.' I mean - really. Shut up.

Tags: Happy, Mean, Money

I had a lovely, feral, free childhood - out and then come back when you're hungry or it gets too dark. I feel slightly cruel that I'm not offering my children the same.

Tags: Children, Dark, Free

I'm not a pin-up, thankfully. I'm not suggesting I feel unconfident. I am beautiful to my husband. I am beautiful to my friends. I feel sexy and all those things with the people I love.

Tags: Beautiful, Husband, Love

If a script is good, you are 10 steps into the part just reading it. But my choices are not all down to my taste. It is about people you have worked with before.

Tags: Choices, Good, Reading

If I didn't have children I might be more of a lush than I am. I like booze. I struggle with smoking. And I'm a big swearer. I'm trying to rein it in but I do think it's a nice seasoning of language.

Tags: Children, Nice, Struggle

If the script's good, everything you need is in there. I just try and feel it, and do it honestly. I also don't learn things for auditions, because I feel like it's just a test of memorizing rather than being real. Maybe every other actor would think that was terrible, I don't know. But it seems to have worked for me, so far.

Tags: Good, Real, Try

In fact I was slightly badly behaved at school and got in trouble. I would get a bee in my bonnet about something I thought wasn't right, and I would ape about too, to make everybody laugh. That was my way through my girls' school, because I wasn't very academic.

Tags: Laugh, School, Thought

This may sound mad, but you sort of assume that no one's going to watch what you do. You go on set, have a lovely time, and then you forget anyone's going to see it. So it's always a bit of a shock to be recognized. I get terribly embarrassed.

Tags: Forget, May, Time

You see thousands of films you forget the minute you come out of the cinema, don't you? Because they don't mean anything. It's the tough ones like 'Breaking the Waves' and 'Nil By Mouth' that stay with you, that you never forget. I'd like to leave a few of those behind if possible.

Tags: Forget, Mean, Tough
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