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Orla Brady's Profile

Brief about Orla Brady: By info that we know Orla Brady was born at 1961-03-28. And also Orla Brady is Irish Actress.

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Clothes are interesting and they're there to be played with. I like the idea of costume rather than fashion.

Tags: Fashion, Idea, Rather

Everyone knew I was anti-marriage. I'd spent my life saying it was something I neither wanted nor needed.

Tags: Life, Saying, Wanted

Girls pour their insecurities into their looks.

Tags: Looks, Pour

I was a bit overweight as a teenager, which may be why I'm more comfortable playing with clothes than showing my body.

Tags: Body, May, Why

If I saw my 15-year-old self now, I'd think I wasn't that bad, but back then I perceived myself as awful.

Tags: Awful, Bad, Self

Mum asks why I am so often cast in adulterous roles. I think it must be because I am fairly flirty.

Tags: Mum, Often, Why

I went to Paris for a year in 1986 to study theatre; there was a lot of clowning around, buffoonery and fencing. It was then that my own style kind of blossomed.

Tags: Study, Theatre, Year

Why not just have fun with clothes? We should be more light-hearted about how we dress, how we look. If you experiment, you can go wrong, clearly; but you can have a wonderful time doing it!

Tags: Fun, Time, Why
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