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An awful lot of people think it's easy to lift recipes out.

Tags: Easy, Recipes  ✍ Author: Elizabeth David

Jamming is really the most awful, excruciating experience for me; I really don't enjoy it.

Tags: Enjoy, Experience  ✍ Author: The Edge

The idea of having Australians upset at me is just awful.

Tags: Idea, Upset  ✍ Author: Craig Ferguson

I've played an awful lot of repressed people.

Tags: Played, Repressed  ✍ Author: Rebecca Hall

If I could stomach the awful part of being a veterinarian, which involves sticking your hand up animals' behinds, I would be a vet.

Tags: Hand, Stomach  ✍ Author: Allison Janney

When I came up, it was all about originality and collective research. There is an awful lot of imitation going on now.

Tags: Imitation, Research  ✍ Author: Steve Lacy

You know, as director of the CIA, I got an awful lot of intelligence about all the horrible things that could go on across the world.

Tags: Director, Horrible  ✍ Author: Leon Panetta

For me personally it is because I get an awful amount of success and I don't think I deserve it and then I want to sabotage it.

Tags: Deserve, Success  ✍ Author: Michael Parkinson

I'm a better editorial cartoonist by default because so many editorial cartoonists out there are so awful.

Tags: Cartoonist, Default  ✍ Author: Ted Rall

Altamont... I remember all of that. That was an awful day.

Tags: Remember  ✍ Author: Mick Taylor

I had an awful lot to say in what I wore as Romana.

Tags: Wore  ✍ Author: Lalla Ward

America is built around this premise that you can do it, and there are an awful lot of people who are unlikely to have done it who did.

Tags: America, Done  ✍ Author: Michael Bloomberg

I was in an awful lot of trouble in Hollywood.

Tags: Hollywood, Trouble  ✍ Author: Eddie Bracken

If I saw my 15-year-old self now, I'd think I wasn't that bad, but back then I perceived myself as awful.

Tags: Bad, Self  ✍ Author: Orla Brady

Sometimes I had to room with Tony Kaye and that was awful.

Tags: Room, Sometimes  ✍ Author: Bill Bruford

Acting on a blue screen is awful.

Tags: Acting, Blue  ✍ Author: Steve Burns

I had an awful lot of my soul invested in Atari culture.

Tags: Culture, Soul  ✍ Author: Nolan Bushnell

No, I'm a horrible singer, I'm awful.

Tags: Horrible, Singer  ✍ Author: Charisma Carpenter

Divorce is just the most awful thing in the world.

Tags: Divorce  ✍ Author: John Denver

I get an awful lot of fan mail, and I read all that I can.

Tags: Fan, Read  ✍ Author: John Denver

I'm awful with directions, and I'm not very handy around the house.

Tags: Directions, House  ✍ Author: Taye Diggs

If you want to know about a man you can find out an awful lot by looking at who he married.

Tags: Looking, Married  ✍ Author: Kirk Douglas

I know the other side. I know what awful golf is.

Tags: Golf, Side  ✍ Author: David Duval

I'm bloody awful at multi-tasking.

Tags: Bloody  ✍ Author: Brian Eno

There's an awful lot of resources that can be drawn upon in an improvised music concert.

Tags: Music, Resources  ✍ Author: Fred Frith
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I still get a little nervous when talking to girls. Which is awful, and embarrassing, because I feel like I shouldn't.

Tags: Nervous, Talking  ✍ Author: Josh Hutcherson

I still get awful depression. It's who I am.

Tags: Depression  ✍ Author: Marian Keyes

There are lots of actors who are awful people, but nobody talks about them being awful because they've made billions.

Tags: Lots, Nobody  ✍ Author: Val Kilmer

I've worked with an awful lot of people. Katy Hepburn, Spencer Tracy.

Tags: Hepburn, Worked  ✍ Author: Vincente Minnelli

I'm an awful golfer.

Tags: Golfer  ✍ Author: Matthew Morrison

Death is an awful thing. I don't believe in it myself.

Tags: Death  ✍ Author: Eugene Ormandy

To be hungry must be awful.

Tags: Hungry  ✍ Author: Dick Van Patten

I spent an awful lot of my life underestimating myself and, as a result, not exceeding my own expectations.

Tags: Life, Result  ✍ Author: Jane Pauley

I get invited to an awful lot of Jewish functions.

Tags: Invited, Jewish  ✍ Author: Tim Roth

I think that people who don't like kids are awful people.

Tags: Kids  ✍ Author: Maya Rudolph

People are surprised to find out that an awful lot of people think that they're idiots.

Tags: Idiots, Surprised  ✍ Author: Eric Schmidt

An awful lot has been written about my temper.

Tags: Temper, Written  ✍ Author: Norman Schwarzkopf

I'm awful at hockey.

Tags: Hockey  ✍ Author: Seann William Scott

I know an awful lot of Hollywood people, who are so self-important, I can't understand it.

Tags: Hollywood, Understand  ✍ Author: Mickey Spillane

In '87, I used to do this awful, awful James Brown impression.

Tags: Impression, Used  ✍ Author: Wanda Sykes

Not to this extent but from day one I had an awful lot of confidence when I got started.

Tags: Confidence, Started  ✍ Author: George Thorogood

I think it's an awful drink, to be honest with you.

Tags: Drink, Honest  ✍ Author: Charlie Watts

I tend not to like an awful lot of what is going out under my name now because it is just all product. Who needs it?

Tags: Name, Needs  ✍ Author: Vivienne Westwood

I am a fan of sequels even though they are inevitably awful.

Tags: Fan, Though  ✍ Author: Joss Whedon

There's not an awful lot that embarrasses me. I'm the kind of actress that absolutely believes in exposing myself.

Tags: Actress, Believes  ✍ Author: Garry Winogrand

A lot of the girls were awful, very catty. It was a competitive environment that I didn't like. You have no idea of the anorexia I saw around me.

Tags: Anorexia, Idea  ✍ Author: Garry Winogrand

It's an awful world out there. You've got to make people happy.

Tags: Happy  ✍ Author: Ronnie Wood

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