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Patina Miller's Profile

Brief about Patina Miller: By info that we know Patina Miller was born at 1984-11-06. And also Patina Miller is American Actress.

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I always tell friends you can't judge your success by someone else's. You can't be afraid to fail.

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I live alone, so I don't really talk to anyone once I'm home. I have some silent nights.

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I went to Carnegie Mellon.

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I've been doing lots of trapeze, and so much of it is holding your own weight.

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Oh, my mom. She's one of my biggest fans.

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That's been the most exciting part of the show - incorporating the magic and the acrobats and the singing and dancing to make our 'Pippin.'

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When I started performing in public, I was probably around 10 or 11.

Tags: Performing, Public, Started

All my graduation money went to paying for bartending classes so I could have a side gig. I bartended for two months before I was supposed to move to New York and then two months later I got the job as an understudy in 'Sister Act' and haven't looked back since.

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I got into hula hooping at age six - I hula hooped all day, every day. That was something I was comfortable with, but I never tried walking or singing while hula hooping! It's actually pretty difficult and tiring. But I like challenging myself. It's hard, but it's really fun.

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I've always wanted a Maltese-poodle, but I've always been really busy. So I said once I'm back in the city and the 'Sister Act' stuff dies down, I'm going to get a puppy.

Tags: Busy, Said, Wanted

It was always my dream, to do a leading role on Broadway. It's what I went to college to do, in hopes of one day someone taking a chance on me and saying, 'You know what? You're going to be our girl.'

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'Sister Act' was my first audition out of school. I was 21 and cast as the understudy. It was non-Equity, so I lived in L.A. on $300 a week. I did that for a month and then came to New York to do a couple of gigs, including 'Hair' in the park, before going to London with 'Sister Act,' where I played the lead.

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