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Paul Parker's Profile

Brief about Paul Parker: By info that we know Paul Parker was born at 1964-04-04. And also Paul Parker is English Athlete.

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Allow me a bit of philosophy here... We started tele skiing as a rebellion against rules.

Tags: Against, Here, Philosophy

Challenging snow is one of my favorite kinds of skiing, and I like being able to switch techniques at liberty.

Tags: Able, Liberty, Snow

Feeling a part of that community is my greatest reward.

Tags: Community, Feeling, Greatest

For me, being able to go anywhere you want, with an element of precision and control, has been the goal.

Tags: Able, Control, Goal

One item on my agenda is simply planning trips, setting them as goals, something to look forward to.

Tags: Forward, Goals, Simply

The best indication is that I still love to ski on most anything, from skating gear to heavy metal.

Tags: Best, Love, Metal

There are many skiers who have chosen tele for a more compact, streamlined skiing system.

Tags: Chosen, Skiing, System

We have to be careful about creating more rules.

Tags: Careful, Creating, Rules

I wanted to feel that precision and control and then try to apply it to tele. That's what I've looked for in my gear development through the years, and today, tele is very precise, very high-performance.

Tags: Control, Today, Try
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