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Tony Parker's Profile

Brief about Tony Parker: By info that we know Tony Parker was born at 1982-05-17. And also Tony Parker is American Athlete.

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Well, actually, I'm a bisexual lesbian in a man's body... but it's more complicated than that.

Tags: Actually, Body, Lesbian

Everything feels like you're in slow motion and everything you do seems like it's about two or three plays of what everybody else is doing.

Tags: Else, Everybody, Three

You're going to see ups and downs your whole career.

Tags: Career, Downs, Whole

I don't think I'm boring.

Tags: Boring

If Tim Duncan had Knicks on his jersey, he'd be a god.

Tags: God, Jersey, Knicks

We have a pretty tough schedule coming up. We have to stay strong mentally and must focus on getting better.

Tags: Focus, Pretty, Strong

It hurts. Frankly, it hurts terribly. I have just lived one of the biggest loss of my career. It will be difficult to digest that moment. It is extremely hard to accept. I am disappointed.

Tags: Career, Hard, Moment
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