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Sasha Grey's Profile

Brief about Sasha Grey: By info that we know Sasha Grey was born at 1988-03-14. And also Sasha Grey is American Actress.

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Anybody that believes that Adrian Grenier's name is really Vince should probably watch less TV.

Tags: Anybody, Less, Name

I don't think any human being/artist is 100% emotionally stable, based on the human condition and our emotions that relate to it.

Tags: Artist, Emotions, Human

I don't want to be looked at. I really want to be a home body.

Tags: Body, Home, Looked

I like to work. I don't like to have lulls. I feel like it makes me lazy and uncreative, and that's when your ideas become stagnant.

Tags: Become, Lazy, Work

I'm not very good at parties. I'm a wallflower.

Tags: Good, Parties

If I only concentrated on one thing, I would limit myself in life.

Tags: Life, Limit

Literally, I just love food and I like going to dinner with big groups of people so you can try everything.

Tags: Food, Love, Try

Music is a passion of mine, so I also want to continue along that path, creating with my friends.

Tags: Friends, Music, Passion

My body is my art, and it's also the tool that I use to make money.

Tags: Art, Body, Money

My dad is really just lazy. He has nothing, I feel, to offer this world.

Tags: Dad, Lazy, Offer

People can dress you the way they want, they can do your makeup the way they want, but they can never take away your voice.

Tags: Away, Makeup, Voice

Rejection just motivates me to keep trying and to try to do better.

Tags: Rejection, Try, Trying

'The Girlfriend Experience' was definitely the break-out. When it came out, I started getting other opportunities.

Tags: Experience, Getting, Girlfriend

When I run into disappointment - say, for example, not getting a role I'd hoped for - I just try not to take it personally.

Tags: Getting, Run, Try

Persistence and determination are incredibly important. But sometimes you need to analyze the situation and understand when you're wrong. You need to be able to cop to being wrong, learn to change, and continue to grow as a human being.

Tags: Change, Human, Understand
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