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Sean Hannity's Profile

Brief about Sean Hannity: By info that we know Sean Hannity was born at 1961-12-30. And also Sean Hannity is American Writer.

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I have liberal friends. They are misguided, they are wrong. I disagree with them. I don't want them to vote. I want them to go on vacation in November.

Tags: Friends, Vote, Wrong

I think you need people of principle, of character, that are leaders, that take stands on important tough issues that will affect the future of this country.

Tags: Character, Country, Future

I was born to argue... I don't know why. I mean, from arguing with my teachers and, on occasions, my parents. I think I've mastered the art of argument at a fairly young age.

Tags: Age, Art, Parents

One of my producers said this business is like a hamster on that little wheel thing that goes around and around. You may have a great day and get great ratings, but then you've got another show to do - whatever moment of success or happiness you have you've got to keep grinding it out for the next day.

Tags: Great, Happiness, Success

One of the best lessons I learned early is that not everything in life is about you. It is about service. If you want trips and excessive gifts, then don't get into public service.

Tags: Best, Learned, Life

It doesn't say anywhere in the Constitution this idea of the separation of church and state.

Tags: Church, Idea, State

Is the president purposefully using propaganda and hyperbole to garner the American public for support?

Tags: American, Public, Support

Can we pray for the re-election of George Bush?

Tags: Bush, George, Pray

Governor, why wouldn't anyone want to say the Pledge of Allegiance, unless they detested their own country or were ignorant of its greatness?

Tags: Country, Greatness, Why

I'm not impressed by people's degrees. Harvard doesn't impress me, Yale doesn't impress me, Columbia doesn't impress me.

Tags: Harvard, Impress, Impressed

You can play golf with liberals, be neighbors with them, go out to dinner. I just don't want them in power.

Tags: Dinner, Golf, Power

I am a total loser, in every aspect of my life. I rarely go out. I have a great family and we spend all our time together. I work hard and play hard with them.

Tags: Family, Life, Work

I am a total loser, in every aspect of my life. I rarely go out.

Tags: Life, Loser, Total

I believe in faith, family and country. I really keep it that simple.

Tags: Faith, Family, Simple

I don't think we should proselytize a particular religion.

Tags: Particular, Religion

I hate when people use my tactics against me.

Tags: Against, Hate, Tactics

I have never seen any such quote anyplace, anywhere.

Tags: Anywhere, Quote, Seen

I like guts in my leaders.

Tags: Guts, Leaders

I really don't map out my life. There's no big plan.

Tags: Big, Life, Plan

I think anybody that gives their opinion in a confident way everyday is going to be criticized.

Tags: Anybody, Everyday, Opinion
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