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Sean Young's Profile

Brief about Sean Young: By info that we know Sean Young was born at 1959-11-20. And also Sean Young is American Actress.

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There were a lot of rumors spread about me. Of course, I didn't show up to defend myself, so my absence helped create even more.

Tags: Create, Rumors, Show

You can act as nice as you can 100% of the time, and it will still not make everybody say nice things about you.

Tags: Everybody, Nice, Time

Because of the incredible reputation I have, people find me exciting to watch on film.

Tags: Exciting, Film, Reputation

I don't particularly think marriage is a sane thing.

Tags: Marriage, Sane

I don't really like doing interviews.

Tags: Interviews

I don't want to do any more movies where I look at it and go, 'Oh, God, gross.'

Tags: God, Movies, Oh

I have a lot of supporters.

Tags: Supporters

I never hurt anybody in this business, ever.

Tags: Anybody, Business, Hurt

I'm a comeback waiting to happen. No one deserves it more than I do.

Tags: Comeback, Happen, Waiting

I'm just into having fun, because I went through some bad years that really depressed me and made me angry.

Tags: Angry, Bad, Fun

I've been forced to deal with my character assassination.

Tags: Character, Deal, Forced

The city of angels? It's the city of devils. The city of smiling cobras.

Tags: Angels, City, Smiling

Work is good when people are responsible, and in low-budget movies a lot of the actors don't want to be there. They're there to build a resume.

Tags: Good, Movies, Work

If somebody says to me, 'Oh, you're gonna get married and you'll never be attracted to anybody else again,' I'm like, right, sure. It's just not practical to me on an emotional level. Just because I'm married, I'm not dead.

Tags: Again, Else, Emotional

If you're hit with a lawsuit that's untrue and the reasons you're hit with it aren't clear to you, there's a very big inclination on people's part to want to take responsibility for it - that this must be happening because I'm a terrible person, I did something, and I'm getting repaid for it.

Tags: Big, Getting, Hit
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