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Spencer Johnson's Profile

Brief about Spencer Johnson: By info that we know Spencer Johnson was born at 1940-01-01. And also Spencer Johnson is American Writer.

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I was taking myself very seriously when I was going through life changes. And I realized that I needed to laugh at myself, particularly at my mistakes.

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I grew up in Hollywood, California. A lot of my parents' friends were in the motion picture industry, but I saw their doctor friends as more solid. I admired them; there was a peacefulness in them, a sense of purpose that I liked. So I became very interested in being a surgeon.

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I think you have to be much more secure and much less angry to trust the simple. You've got to be in a pretty good place to trust those simple, obvious answers and, most important, to use them.

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A successful tool is one that was used to do something undreamt of by its author.

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