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Steven Hill's Profile

Brief about Steven Hill: By info that we know Steven Hill was born at 1922-02-24. And also Steven Hill is American Actor.

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Always do something that requires you and your date to talk.

Tags: Date, Requires, Talk

Every day, I have a most embarrassing moment.

Tags: Moment

Extreme Makeover... they help people that are uncomfortable in their own skin. They really change lives.

Tags: Change, Help, Lives

I don't want to spend my life doing jobs that I don't care about.

Tags: Care, Jobs, Life

I have worked all of my life, so I really don't have any hobbies.

Tags: Hobbies, Life, Worked

I just want to be more regular.

Tags: Regular

I just want to go out there and do what I can do, contribute in the ways that I can. Whether I get exposure or not, it's about winning.

Tags: Ways, Whether, Winning

I used to be a regular college student and now I go all over the country and stay at really nice hotels.

Tags: College, Country, Nice

It's funny how you call me a celebrity. Oh man.

Tags: Call, Funny, Oh

Some of the onus falls on us to make ourselves available for the ball, because we need to play inside-out. That's when we're at our best.

Tags: Ball, Best, Ourselves

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