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Tim Kaine's Profile

Brief about Tim Kaine: By info that we know Tim Kaine was born at 1958-02-26. And also Tim Kaine is American Politician.

Some Tim Kaine's quotes. Goto "Tim Kaine's quotation" section for more.

Authenticity is key.

Tags: Key

I think life is sacred, whether it's abortion or the death penalty.

Tags: Death, Life, Whether

I'm not going to be anybody's punching bag.

Tags: Anybody, Bag, Punching

Gay individuals should be able to adopt.

Tags: Able, Adopt, Gay

I just want to serve people. I know it sounds like a simple cliche.

Tags: Serve, Simple, Sounds

I say we are climbing out of a ditch and we are climbing up.

Tags: Climbing, Ditch

I will always be a partner with the president of the United States.

Tags: Partner, President, United

I'm an optimist.

Tags: Optimist

I'm not going to give a courtesy gift to a person who's going to win, and I'm not going to give a sympathy gift to a person who's going to lose.

Tags: Give, Sympathy, Win

If faith is your motivation, share that.

Tags: Faith, Motivation, Share

Midterm elections for first-term presidents are notoriously difficult.

Tags: Difficult, Elections, Presidents

My sense is that economic anxiety means electoral volatility.

Tags: Anxiety, Means, Sense

My sense is, as governor I've gotten a lot of stuff done.

Tags: Done, Sense, Stuff

No couples in Virginia can adopt other than a married couple - that's the right policy.

Tags: Couple, Married, Policy

One of the things we wrestle with nationally is, 'If we want the economy to be strong, what should we do?' Why not learn some lessons from Virginia?

Tags: Learn, Strong, Why

People will pay a price for putting political obstruction over progress in a time that is so critical and urgent.

Tags: Political, Progress, Time

The best way to deal with the deficit is through economic growth.

Tags: Best, Economic, Growth

When I talk to people outside the beltway, I don't think people are that divided.

Tags: Divided, Outside, Talk

You have got to connect your land use decisions with transportation decisions.

Tags: Connect, Decisions, Land

You see Democrats who will demonize business. I don't do that. You see Republicans who demonize labor. I don't do that.

Tags: Business, Democrats, Labor

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