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Democrats Quotes

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Republicans believe every day is the Fourth of July, but the democrats believe every day is April 15.

Tags: April, July  ✍ Author: Ronald Reagan

I never said all Democrats were saloonkeepers. What I said was that all saloonkeepers are Democrats.

Tags: Said  ✍ Author: Ambrose Bierce

I think there are other issues that the Democrats could use to rally evangelicals. There are a lot of us, for instance, who believe that the Bible calls us to be environmentally responsible.

Tags: Bible, Issues  ✍ Author: Thomas Campion

We as Democrats have no apologies to make to anyone.

Tags: Anyone  ✍ Author: Richard J. Daley

These are international criminals, and the spineless Democrats are doing nothing about it.

Tags: Criminals  ✍ Author: Lawrence Ferlinghetti

I'm not going to stop beating up on the Democrats for wasteful spending.

Tags: Spending, Stop  ✍ Author: Nikki Haley

You see Democrats who will demonize business. I don't do that. You see Republicans who demonize labor. I don't do that.

Tags: Business, Labor  ✍ Author: Tim Kaine

The most biased people are the Democrats.

Tags: Biased  ✍ Author: Raul Labrador

We need independents, we need the GOP, we need Reagan Democrats.

Tags: Gop, Reagan  ✍ Author: Sarah Palin

Every poll shows that most journalists are Democrats.

Tags: Poll, Shows  ✍ Author: Sally Quinn

Are the Democrats going to dance the mandate Macarena?

Tags: Dance, Mandate  ✍ Author: Dan Rather

Democrats never agree on anything, that's why they're Democrats. If they agreed with each other, they would be Republicans.

Tags: Agree, Why  ✍ Author: Will Rogers

I'm not a Democrat, I'm an Independent, but I caucus with the Democrats.

Tags: Caucus, Democrat  ✍ Author: Bernie Sanders

Obliging elected Democrats willingly pander to the radical lefties who elevated them to their throne.

Tags: Elected, Radical  ✍ Author: Bob Beauprez

The Democrats are obsessing about raising tax rates, while the GOP talks about closing loopholes.

Tags: Tax, While  ✍ Author: Bob Beauprez

I think too many Democrats are too wimpy. But I think they're beginning to toughen up.

Tags: Beginning, Toughen  ✍ Author: Paul Begala

It seems to me the American people never really forgave the Democrats for being right about Vietnam.

Tags: American, Seems  ✍ Author: Paul Begala

The Democrats need to remind people of where were, in terms of our progress, as markers against where we are, and where we've fallen, and how we've declined under Bush.

Tags: Against, Progress  ✍ Author: Sidney Blumenthal

Our platform is crafted by Democrats but it is not about partisanship, its about pragmatism.

Tags: Platform, Pragmatism  ✍ Author: Cory Booker

The Democrats complain; I choose to compete.

Tags: Choose, Complain  ✍ Author: Jan Brewer

I think Democrats keep the commandments of the Lord more.

Tags: Keep, Lord  ✍ Author: Lincoln Davis

Embryonic stem cell research wears no political stripes - it is embraced by conservatives, liberals, Democrats, Republicans, and Independents.

Tags: Political, Research  ✍ Author: Diana DeGette

I'm a proponent of single-payer health-care, public education, protecting the environment - all the things Democrats rally around.

Tags: Education, Public  ✍ Author: Cynthia Dill

I get a kick out of Democrats thinking they know how handicap a GOP race.

Tags: Race, Thinking  ✍ Author: Ari Fleischer

It is wrong to believe that Hispanics are Democrats. Hispanics are traditionally and historically conservative, not just socially conservative, but fiscally conservative.

Tags: Hispanics, Wrong  ✍ Author: Luis Fortuno
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The Democrats and Republicans are the same guy admiring themself in the mirror.

Tags: Guy, Mirror  ✍ Author: Kinky Friedman

I never said all Democrats were saloonkeepers; what I said was all saloonkeepers are Democrats.

Tags: Said  ✍ Author: Horace Greeley

Some Democrats deserve to be criticized.

Tags: Criticized, Deserve  ✍ Author: James Hansen

I don't look for much to come out of government ownership as long as we have Democrats and Republicans.

Tags: Government, Ownership  ✍ Author: Kin Hubbard

Republicans spend and borrow, Democrats tax and spend.

Tags: Spend, Tax  ✍ Author: Stan Jones

The Democrats generally recoil from the subject of entitlements.

Tags: Recoil, Subject  ✍ Author: Bill Keller

JFK used to say the bishops and the cardinals were all Republicans, but the nuns were Democrats! I sort of believe that too.

Tags: Bishops, Used  ✍ Author: Kitty Kelley

I think you're going to see a number of Democrats that do want to see us grapple with spending.

Tags: Number, Spending  ✍ Author: Amy Klobuchar

You get fifteen democrats in a room, and you get twenty opinions.

Tags: Opinions, Room  ✍ Author: Patrick Leahy

There's a lot of Democrats, myself included, who have supported right-to-life.

Tags: Included, Supported  ✍ Author: Joe Manchin

My parents were Democrats.

Tags: Parents  ✍ Author: Susana Martinez

When you are pulling people out of the water and off of rooftops, there are no Republicans and no Democrats.

Tags: Off, Water  ✍ Author: Charlie Melancon

Democrats in Louisville were led by Courier-Journal editor Henry Watterson and were implacably opposed to blacks voting.

Tags: Editor, Voting  ✍ Author: Rand Paul

You know, you look at term limits, you poll term limits, 70, 80 percent of Republicans or Democrats are for it.

Tags: Limits, Percent  ✍ Author: Rand Paul

The Democrats in particular are do-nothing guys.

Tags: Guys, Particular  ✍ Author: Peter George Peterson

The environment is better and better for Democrats.

 ✍ Author: Murray Rothbard

Many Democrats have a pre-9/11 worldview.

Tags: Worldview  ✍ Author: Karl Rove

The Democrats never fight about who is more like Jimmy Carter.

Tags: Carter, Fight  ✍ Author: Marco Rubio

You've got the brain-washed, that's the Democrats, and the brain-dead, that's the Republicans!

 ✍ Author: Mark Russell

What Democrats call 'nuanced,' most people refer to as 'stupidity.'

Tags: Call, Stupidity  ✍ Author: Gale Sayers

We tend to talk, Democrats, as a party, in legislative terms.

Tags: Party, Talk  ✍ Author: Charles Schumer

Democrats don't relate to middle-class people.

Tags: Relate  ✍ Author: Charles Schumer

It's not about Obama, it's about the Democrats and their policies that cause consternation on the right.

Tags: Cause, Obama  ✍ Author: Cindy Sherman

Democrats and Republicans alike support our military personnel.

Tags: Military, Support  ✍ Author: John Spratt

Right-to-life groups won't fund us because we're Democrats.

Tags: Groups, Won  ✍ Author: Bart Stupak

Republicans like to indict Democrats as anti-corporate zealots.

 ✍ Author: Ethan Suplee

It's not like Massachusetts, where they're baptized Democrats.

Tags: Baptized  ✍ Author: Robert Torricelli

Anarchists are simply unterrified Jeffersonian Democrats.

Tags: Simply  ✍ Author: Benjamin Tucker

I'm an independent, probably. I'm not dogmatic. I've supported Democrats and Republicans.

Tags: Dogmatic, Supported  ✍ Author: Jerry Weintraub

After Vietnam, the Democrats became fundamentally the anti-military as a party.

Tags: After, Party  ✍ Author: Heather Wilson

Nuclear weapons kill Americans - they don't kill Republicans or Democrats - they kill Americans.

Tags: Nuclear, Weapons  ✍ Author: Joe Wilson
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