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Tim Robbins's Profile

Brief about Tim Robbins: By info that we know Tim Robbins was born at 1958-10-16. And also Tim Robbins is American Actor.

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I mean, what are they scared of? Who's going to vote for anyone from the Communist Party, for God's sake?

Tags: God, Mean, Vote

I ran spotlight. Swept up. Did box office. Ran the lighting board. But acting was the most fun.

Tags: Acting, Fun, Office

I started getting on my feet and clowning around, and they ended up putting me in a play when I was 12. And I was hooked.

Tags: Feet, Getting, Started

I wouldn't even get elected. I'd probably deck a couple of people, too which would not play very well with the national media.

Tags: Couple, Media, National

I wouldn't say I'm a method actor. I do research when I feel I don't have enough experience for the part I'm playing.

Tags: Enough, Experience, Playing

I'm not gangly; I'm very coordinated. I do have a bit of a baby face. But I guess that just means I'll be working longer.

Tags: Face, Means, Working

I'm the kind of person who does not remember bad things.

Tags: Bad, Remember

I've been lucky-my looks haven't put me into one category. I don't look like a blue blood. I don't look like a criminal. I don't look like anything.

Tags: Blood, Looks, Put

I've long ago compromised my eight hours a night.

Tags: Eight, Hours, Night

I've used drugs that I do consider to be dangerous, drugs that are potentially detrimental to kids and society at large.

Tags: Kids, Society, Used

If you find yourself in a movie that you have questions about, it's not a compromise to your integrity.

Tags: Compromise, Integrity, Yourself

If you're in the position to help someone and you do it, it's very rewarding.

Tags: Help, Position, Someone

It's certainly a lot more difficult to get a project made if you're talking about something progressive. That's just the nature of the industry.

Tags: Difficult, Nature, Talking

It's difficult when you have to turn down a tremendous amount of money because you don't like what the script is saying and you don't have any money.

Tags: Difficult, Money, Saying

Most good actors have a huge intelligence about the human condition and a real open heart to different kinds of people and behavior.

Tags: Good, Heart, Human

My father described me as the oldest baby he'd ever seen. I apparently was very serious and reflective.

Tags: Baby, Father, Serious

My philosophy is, don't take no for an answer and be willing to sacrifice your entire project for freedom.

Tags: Freedom, Philosophy, Sacrifice

New York is not conductive to theater. New York does not encourage its young. It does not encourage experimentation.

Tags: Theater, York, Young

Susan is just great. I know I'm biased, but she's a great actress.

Tags: Actress, Great, She

There are dumb actors. But there are dumb politicians and dumb bakers.

Tags: Dumb

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