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Trace Adkins's Profile

Brief about Trace Adkins: By info that we know Trace Adkins was born at 1962-01-13. And also Trace Adkins is American Musician.

Some Trace Adkins's quotes. Goto "Trace Adkins's quotation" section for more.

I don't do the same show on any two nights.

Tags: Nights, Show

I only record songs that I really like and believe in and can sing with conviction.

Tags: Conviction, Sing, Songs

If I feel like doing something, I do it. If I feel like saying something, I say it. If I feel like dancing, I do. If I don't, I don't.

Tags: Dancing, Saying

It's great to be able to get up there now and do an hour or 75 minutes of songs they're familiar with.

Tags: Able, Great, Songs

New York City is a notoriously hard market to perform country music in.

Tags: Country, Hard, Music

People get passionate about a song. It's been my experience if you put out radio candy, something commercial, it doesn't sell records.

Tags: Experience, Put, Song

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