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Tracee Ellis Ross's Profile

Brief about Tracee Ellis Ross: By info that we know Tracee Ellis Ross was born at 1972-10-29. And also Tracee Ellis Ross is American Actress.

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Here is my wish and my desire and my pledge as well: that we remember our true nature and our womanhood. That we own and know that we are more than our bodies and yet our bodies are these sacred, beautiful, rhythmic houses for us.

Tags: Beautiful, Nature, True

I loved being a redhead! I always wanted to try it. I was obsessed with Lucille Ball growing up. I really wanted to try it but I always thought that doing it would ruin my hair.

Tags: Thought, Try, Wanted

I am a connoisseur of products. I check out everything, I try everything.

Tags: Check, Products, Try

I listen to my body. Some days all I want is a good steak and others, I crave veggies and quinoa.

Tags: Days, Good, Others

I used to think 40 was old. Now I think, 'Hey, 40's hot!'

Tags: Hot, Old, Used

Because of my unique experience as my mom's child, the beginning of my journey was more about me trying to figure out who I was on my own. My mom is one of the greatest moms and so supportive of all my siblings and of all of us being who we are, and not who she wanted us to be.

Tags: Experience, Greatest, Mom

I don't really talk about my personal life. It's a strange and funny and weird thing. Sometimes you have a conversation with someone and the paparazzi snaps a picture of you and people decide you're dating. If I try to answer everything people say, I would be up all night.

Tags: Dating, Funny, Life

I'm always touched by people's different stories of who they are and why they made the choices that they made. I feel so empowered by the story behind the person.

Tags: Choices, Story, Why

I'm extremely blessed to have the extraordinary mother that I have, and I don't mean Diana Ross, I mean the mother. My mom paved a road that didn't exist, as did Oprah.

Tags: Blessed, Mom, Mother

It is important to me to take care of my skin. In general I don't like to wear foundation; I'm not a fan of the look. I like my skin fresh and natural enough so my freckles show through.

Tags: Care, Enough, Show

The experience of both acting and producing has been wonderful. It certainly has created a full plate. But it is very exciting and rewarding to have creative input on the show. 'Reed' is about love and family and for me, playing a hand in shaping it has been deeply gratifying.

Tags: Experience, Family, Love

When I'm not working, I spend a lot of time on my hair. When it's time for my hair to get some rest, I either wear it in a ponytail, bun or my favorite 'milkmaid' braid.

Tags: Hair, Time, Working

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