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William Lilly's Profile

Brief about William Lilly: By info that we know William Lilly was born at 1970-01-01. And also William Lilly is English Celebrity.

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After my mistress was dead, I lived most comfortably, my master having a great affection for me.

Tags: After, Dead, Great

I believe God rules all by his divine providence and that the stars by his permission are instruments.

Tags: God, Rules, Stars

In the seventeenth year of my age my mother died.

Tags: Age, Mother, Year

In this year 1634, I purchased the moiety of thirteen houses in the Strand for five hundred and thirty pounds.

Tags: Five, Houses, Year

Of my infancy I can speak little, only I do remember that in the fourth year of my age I had the measles.

Tags: Age, Remember, Speak

After that his Majesty was beheaded, the Parliament for some years effected nothing either for the publick peace or tranquillity of the nation, or settling religion as they had formerly promised.

Tags: After, Peace, Religion

If people suspect their Cattle Bewitched, if they be great Cattle, make the twelfth house their ascendant, and the eleventh their twelfth house, and vary your Rules with Judgment.

Tags: Great, House, Rules

You can make jeans and a t-shirt super stylish. It's what you make of it, you know?

Tags: Jeans, Stylish, Super

Just because you work in the fashion industry, it doesn't mean you live your life in fashion.

Tags: Life, Mean, Work

My mother has become my daughter and I've become her guardian.

Tags: Become, Her, Mother

There is a secret hippie within me.

Tags: Hippie, Secret, Within

I don't have a life where it's galas, posh affairs. It's me, my dog and a sofa. And a TV.

Tags: Dog, Life, Tv

I have always had a relationship with clothes.

Tags: Clothes

I love crazy, gaudy bling.

Tags: Crazy, Gaudy, Love

I started in college as a business major and finally transferred to home economics and studied making clothes.

Tags: Business, College, Home

I think my parents were immigrants, you know, so I guess I would be first generation. Growing up in California.

Tags: Generation, Growing, Parents

I try to always have flowers in the house. I have a florist in Chinatown, and they deliver orchids every two weeks. I like living with living things.

Tags: House, Living, Try

I'm not such a public person.

Tags: Public

I'm really a classicist at heart - with a bit of madness!

Tags: Bit, Heart, Madness

I'm shy.

Tags: Shy