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Stylish Quotes

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I think New York is more stylish than London.

Tags: London, York  ✍ Author: Max Irons

I don't care how stylish something is if it doesn't flatter me.

Tags: Care, Flatter  ✍ Author: Ali Larter

Roger Federer is stylish.

Tags: Federer, Roger  ✍ Author: Bjorn Borg

You don't need to follow trends to be stylish.

Tags: Follow, Trends  ✍ Author: Naomie Harris

You can make jeans and a t-shirt super stylish. It's what you make of it, you know?

Tags: Jeans, Super  ✍ Author: William Lilly

American Eagle clothing is stylish, flattering and all about embracing your individuality.

Tags: American, Eagle  ✍ Author: Shay Mitchell

The most stylish country in the world is Italy.

Tags: Country, Italy  ✍ Author: Nick Rhodes

I like to be stylish and edgy, but also low maintenance.

Tags: Edgy, Low  ✍ Author: Krysten Ritter

If I were a girl, I always like Chanel. It's so stylish and timeless. So I like Karl Lagerfeld a lot.

Tags: Girl, Timeless  ✍ Author: Yann Tiersen

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