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Bob Iger's Quotes

Bob Iger profile photo

Born: 1951-02-10
Profession: Businessman
Nation: American
Biography of Bob Iger

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For us to grow globally, it's not enough to just be an exporter. We have to be a creator.

Tags: Creator, Enough, Grow

I began as a weatherman and I learned very quickly I wasn't very good at it.

Tags: Began, Good, Learned

I don't want to sound too critical, but we're taking a wait-and-see approach on UltraViolet.

Tags: Approach, Sound, Taking

I drive myself to and from work. I love the privacy.

Tags: Love, Privacy, Work

I get up at 4:30 in the morning, seven days a week, no matter where I am in the world.

Tags: Days, Matter, Morning

I had worked at Disney since they bought the company that I had worked for, ABC in the mid-90s.

Tags: Company, Since, Worked

I have a fondness for jazz, particularly for jazz singers, Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald all the way through the Sinatra era.

Tags: Era, Holiday, Jazz

I ride a bike and use aerobic equipment twice a week, and work out with a trainer, lifting weights.

Tags: Bike, Week, Work

I started off wanting very much to be a newscaster.

Tags: Off, Started, Wanting

I think it is important for people who are given leadership roles to assume that role immediately.

Tags: Assume, Leadership, Role

I think it is incredibly important to be open and accessible and treat people fairly and look them in the eye and tell them what is on your mind.

Tags: Mind, Tell, Treat

I'm privileged and grateful to lead The Walt Disney Company and our talented, dedicated team at this exciting time.

Tags: Grateful, Team, Time

If we give people the ability to buy a lot more because they can store a lot more, for a company that creates TV shows and movies, that's fantastic.

Tags: Company, Give, Movies

It's a good time to be in the content business though, the branded content business.

Tags: Business, Good, Time

Keeping it simple for the consumer is incredibly dire.

Tags: Consumer, Keeping, Simple

People don't like to follow pessimists.

Tags: Follow, Pessimists

People go to Disney because they know its brand attributes. We believe we have an opportunity to go with our content directly to consumers.

Tags: Attributes, Brand, Content

People still love a good story, and I don't think that will change.

Tags: Change, Good, Love

The riskiest thing we can do is just maintain the status quo.

Tags: Maintain, Quo, Status

We have a unique opportunity as Disney because it really is the only true global entertainment brand.

Tags: Global, True, Unique

What I've really learned over time is that optimism is a very, very important part of leadership.

Tags: Leadership, Learned, Time

I'm committed to increasing long-term value for shareholders and am confident we will continue to do so through the successful execution of our core strategic priorities: the creation of high quality, branded content and experiences, the use of technology, and creating growth in numerous and exciting international markets.

Tags: High, Successful, Technology

Netflix, Amazon, iTunes - whatever platforms emerge - we are looking at as having the same potential that home video had for the movie business. Which means there are entirely new opportunities to monetize our capital investment in content and do so in ways that work for distributors, for consumers and for creators.

Tags: Business, Home, Work
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